laura & mahesh are married!

i will be honest, i am a bit at a loss for where to start with laura & mahesh’s wedding day- there was just so much goodness all around us- all day! sitting here reminiscing about their wedding day, what i remember most is just the overall vibrancy of every moment. it wasn’t just the colors and the events, it was the people. the deep joy in laura & mahesh was reflected in their friends and family who traveled from near and far to celebrate their wedding day. though the day was longer than most (two full ceremonies!), the energy and fun only grew as the day progressed- culminating in a beautiful reception celebration full of fun and happiness and a touch of silliness. :)

i recommend you grab a beverage and settle into a comfy chair before scrolling any further- this is the most images we’ve ever posted from a single wedding day but there were just too many great moments to pare it down any further. what a great problem to have. ok, let’s begin!

our day started with the finishing touches before their hindu ceremony. i love how involved family and friends are in hindu ceremonies- it really draws everyone in to the celebration and fun.

mahesh and his sweet mom, i really love this image. she is so obviously happy for him:

after the ceremony ended, laura & mahesh disappeared to change for the jewish ceremony while their guests lounged around their venue enjoying lunch, chatting in the courtyard and relaxing in the warm sun. it really was the most perfect early spring day! meanwhile, back at the hotel, laura & mahesh readied themselves for ceremony number 2.

by the time we arrived back at the venue, it had been transformed. one of laura’s very best friends officiated this ceremony and though it was short and sweet it was so heartfelt and warm.

***please click here to see laura & mahesh’s slideshow***

laura & mahesh, what a joy to celebrate with you and your friends and family- it was a beautiful day! looking forward to running into you two soon! :)

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    1. Jessica said . . .

      These are incredible!!! What a gorgeous ceremony (both of them) – I love the way you captured the cultural details and I adore the shots of the couple outside – way to rock that full sun! Amazing!

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