matt & kate were married in the fall of 2007 and decided to start a photography business a couple of months later. this did not make their first year of marriage stress-free but it did make it awesome. they see the world very differently. matt sees the big picture, capturing his subjects among sweeping landscapes and rooms teeming with life and friends and celebration. kate is inspired by the intimate, fleeting moments of life and usually finds herself looking through a tight lens waiting for the precise glance that shares your deep happiness with the world. they both have a desire to capture true, beautiful stories through photography and they are constantly blessed by the couples who have opened their world to them.

when they aren’t photographing weddings, matt & kate are usually photographing their own story as a little family of three (stella, their great dane, is rarely not in the picture.) they love their little corner of atlanta- getting to know their neighborhood, supporting other small businesses in the area and volunteering at a little church plant down the street keeps them busy and happy. they’re attempting a very grown-up 9-5 work schedule for at least the third time and can be found during their newly embraced ‘off-hours’ tinkering with their bikes, cooking whatever is in season and traveling- trying to live like locals in cultures very different from their own.

matt & kate love getting to know new people over a well crafted beverage or snack so please click here to set something up!