thanks so much for stopping by and glancing into our world as creatives, puppy lovers and experimental urban farmers. (oh, how i NEVER saw that last one coming!) we're matt & kate altmix- a husband/wife wedding photography team based in Atlanta doing what we love- shaking things up and cleverly capturing some of life's most beautiful moments!

please take a second to check out our work, maybe read a few posts and leave some comments- we'd love to hear from you! you'll quickly see how intertwined our lives are with our work so it is important you know how 'unique' we are upfront. that was your warning. ;) enjoy!


lauren & steve are married!

our last wedding of 2014 was just the best way to tie up an amazing year of capturing and celebrating love. lauren & steve are high school sweethearts- more in love now than ever- who bring so much joy to one another and those around them. photographing them on their high school campus where their ceremony was held was so special to us- to see where it all began for them and capture them in that environment so full of memories was such a sweet thing. but i have a feeling lauren & steve are just as comfortable anywhere they go- as long as they are together. we couldn’t be happier for two people so perfectly paired. :)


my high school campus lacked swans- but not the lovely darlington school!

i love these images of lauren and her dad waiting to walk down the aisle. clearly they are both so relaxed and excited about lauren & steve starting their new life together- so sweet!

lauren & steve, congratulations! we are so happy for you- what a joy it was to celebrate with you and capture such an awesome day!

    lina & alex are married!

    it’s so heartwarming to see matt come home from shooting a wedding with the amount of energy and excitement he had after lina & alex’s wedding. it means a few things about lina & alex- it means they are so in love and happy together that they spent their wedding day grinning from ear to ear and bubbling with happiness and energy, it means they trusted matt’s vision for their day and were up for any and all suggestions he had for them and it also means that their wedding day was planned with time built in for spontaneous fun and detours along the way. basically it means lina & alex are wonderful people, deeply in love and perfect together- such a joy to photograph! editing through these images i found myself  smiling and feeling like i understood these two people i’ve never met- they wear their emotion on their sleeves and enjoy one another’s company with abandon. this is one of my very favorite weddings and i am so excited to share a few of our favorites with you!


    lina & alex, congratulations! it is such a blessing to us to see two people as perfect together as you- we wish you the very best! thank you for having matt there to capture such joy!

      amanda & jake are married!

      this time of year always sends me into reflection- how the previous year has changed us, how the previous 5 years- even 10 years- have molded us into the family we are today. as we have changed, so has our work. photographs taken when we started altmix photography almost 8 years ago look pretty different than the images we make today (understatement). some of you have walked this with us- you’ve seen us stretch ourselves and grow and change into the photographers we are today- and you’ve stuck with us through it all. it is not without a little apprehension that we thank you when we hear you’ve followed our work since the beginning- we want to immediately explain how much we’ve learned and changed- but it’s in those moments that we realize our images still speak the same language they did 8 years ago- and though we’ve made some style changes over the years- you understand that language and ‘get’ our point of view. amanda is one of those people. she has kept up with our work since 2008 when we photographed a friend of her’s- 2008, y’all. what a privilege it was for her to contact us and for matt to be able to photograph her wedding all these years later!

      amanda & jake, congratulations! you’re wonderful together and we are so happy for you to start this new life together. we wish you the very best!