Rachel & Tyler’s Engagement Session

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If, somehow, I was able to go back in time and photograph my own engagement session with Kate, it would’ve looked a lot like Rachel & Tyler’s engagement session. That’s how much I loved it. They’re my kind of people- yes Tyler is an accomplished photographer himself, and yes Rachel’s dad started one of the best breweries in the southeast, but that’s not why. It was their pursuit of adventure and creative energy, and honestly just how much they trusted me with their session. We had collaborated and after Tyler had mentioned they were hoping for a location similar to Bellwood Quarry, I took care of the rest as I had been eyeing a different quarry location. They were down for whatever and we had a blast.

Here are a bunch of my favorites but head over to FB for more.atlanta engagement photos 01atlanta engagement photos 02atlanta engagement photos 03atlanta engagement photos 04atlanta engagement photos 05atlanta engagement photos 06atlanta engagement photos 07atlanta engagement photos 08atlanta engagement photos 09atlanta engagement photos 10atlanta engagement photos 11atlanta engagement photos 12atlanta engagement photos 13atlanta engagement photos 14atlanta engagement photos 15atlanta engagement photos 16atlanta engagement photos 17atlanta engagement photos 18

Hattie & Randy’s Wedding at Serenbe

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Hattie & Randy live just down the street- I love that I can not only call them friends, but neighbors! Having just covered their rehearsal the day before, I was so pumped to head back down to Serenbe to capture their wedding day. Here are a few favorites but head over to FB for more, or to their gallery to view all of their images.serenbe weddings 1serenbe weddings 2serenbe weddings 3serenbe weddings 4serenbe weddings 5serenbe weddings 6serenbe weddings 7