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caroline & nick are married!

caroline & nick decided that the most perfect way to celebrate their wedding would be with their closest family and friends in a lovely farmhouse in the north georgia mountains, the farmhouse at persimmon creek. their day was so laid back- family and friends mingled in the house and on the grounds, admiring the views and sipping their drinks while caroline and nick made their final preparations. the ceremony was short and sweet, followed by the most lovely family meal complete with candlelight, an abundance of stunning flowers and plenty of local, fresh cuisine. caroline & nick are two of the most down to earth, relaxed people you’ve ever met. they are funny and sweet and adventurous and the little detail that it rained throughout their wedding day didn’t even phase them. just after their ceremony the rain let up and left the valley in a beautiful fog- luckily, caroline & nick were up for a little exploring with us because those few minutes resulted in some of our most favorite portraits ever. don’t forget to click through to their slideshow to see more!

a little rain didn’t even slow this group down- i really loved that about them. :)

***please click here to view caroline & nick’s slideshow***

caroline & nick, congratulations! we are so happy for you guys and we feel lucky to have been a little part of such a beautiful day. we wish you the very best!

    sally & evan: the photobooth!

    these two crazy kids got married a few weeks ago and matt & i were there (as guests!) to celebrate! and also to run the photobooth- which easily became one of the greatest, ever! lot’s of fun, creative images- click through to their slideshow for more!

    congrats sally & evan!

    king of pops! (the most wonderful treat on a hot, summer day in atlanta)

    evan is going to fit riiight in to this awesome family! :)

    probably my favorite image of the whole set:

    ***click here to view the rest!***

    sally & evan, congrats! we’re so happy for y’all to start your new life together (and just down the street!). you guys are the best!

      jessica & ben are married!

      i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this once or 500 times (most likely closer to 500?;) but asheville, north carolina is just the most amazing place. it is also responsible for some of the most wonderful, adventurous, talented people we have had the pleasure of meeting- like jessica & ben. these two met in sixth grade, officially started dating in high school, and since then have shared countless adventures as best friends who happen to also be very obviously in love. perfect. :) i first met jessica in 2008- she was a bridesmaid in one of the first weddings matt and i ever photographed! one year later, jessica was again a bridesmaid in another wedding we photographed so suffice it to say, she was pretty familiar with our work when it came time to planning her own wedding day. :) we are so honored she contacted us and it was so fun to see so many familiar faces as i flipped through these beautiful images matt captured of her wedding day. but my very favorite part was seeing jessica & ben interact through these images. i’ve never met ben but i am just amazed by how these images make me feel like i have. he and jessica both wear their happiness in their brilliant smiles and sparkling eyes and seeing the way they look at one another makes me excited for their future together. here are a few of our favorites from their wedding day- be sure to click through to the slideshow to see more!

      the morning of jessica & ben’s wedding day dawned with a steady rain. despite the weather, jessica & ben were determined to have their wedding on the beautiful overlook they’ve imagined since the day they secured the nc arboretum. they stuck to their guns and the rain stopped just in time. :) i like their style.

      matt took this image just as jessica & ben reached the end of their recessional- it is one of my favorite images ever:

      this next image is of our friends bonnie & david- but mostly, it’s of dave’s sweet tattoo. ;)

      ***please click here to view jessica & ben’s slideshow***

      jessica & ben, congratulations! we are so happy for you two- and what a beautiful celebration!