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elisabeth & jamey are married!

it is rare to meet a couple so effortlessly timeless and classic as elisabeth & jamey. there were moments throughout their wedding day when i really felt we could be living in an entirely different era- somehow these two just have such grace and perspective that seems bigger than the culture around them. it’s in the way they speak to, and of, one another. it’s in the way they hold themselves and their mannerisms when they’re just casually talking and laughing with friends. elisabeth & jamey are just timeless- and i love it. after spending the day with them, i really wanted to deliver all of their images in black and white- but matt kept me sane there. ;) i’m describing them poorly, i’m aware, but sometimes these things are just felt when in someone’s presence and cannot really be put into words. i hope these images give you a much better sense of these two than i’ve been able to so far. ;)

so, so sweet to see jamey’s reaction when elisabeth stepped into the church:


jamey & elisabeth’s reception took place at the stunning biltmore estate in asheville, north carolina. one of the most beautiful spots in one of our most favorite cities- they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to celebrate the start of their new life together!

one of my favorite images, ever- dusk, just moments before their first dance.

***click here to view elisabeth & jamey’s slideshow***

elisabeth & jamey, thank you so so much for having us there to capture such a beautiful day! you two are a wonderful couple and we wish you the very best!

    lindsay & bruno are engaged!

    atlanta wedding photographers 17

    let me tell you what happens when it’s raining when we have an engagement shoot- we reschedule it. almost 100% of the time. ALMOST. lindsay & bruno were not phased by a little light rain- not even the slightest! matt started the shoot under cover but, as predicted, the rain stopped shortly after they began and the moody, grey sky broke into a sunset that made the risk of wet hair and mosquito bites totally worth it! i really love their adventurous spirits and we’re excited to be shooting their wedding!

    ***click here to view lindsay & bruno’s slideshow***

    lindsay & bruno, you guys are the sweetest together- congratulations!

      dahni & peter are married!

      dahni & peter are the type who draw others to themselves- without even realizing they are doing so! they both have such love for, and interest in, those around them that you cannot help but feel like you’re friends just moments after meeting them. they’ve moved around and traveled, gaining friends and incredible experiences at every turn- their wedding was such a beautiful melting pot of the fun, exciting lives they’ve lived together and separately up to this point. dahni & peter picked a sweet farm in north georgia to gather their friends and family to celebrate their wedding day- their surroundings were natural, beautiful and serene- perfect for a couple as down to earth and fun loving as dahni & peter. matt captured their wedding so beautifully, i really had a hard time narrowing down my favorites, so don’t miss their slideshow!

      dahni is just stunning:

      this is one of my favorite images of all time- what a beautiful couple just overflowing with happiness:

      sometimes the sun sets during couple portraits, and instead of being stressed, matt somehow turns it into the most perfect thing that could have ever happened:

      ***click here to view dahni & peter’s slideshow***

      dahni & peter, congratulations! what an awesome celebration it was- thank you for trusting matt to capture such a wonderful day! hope to see you in atlanta soon!