thanks so much for stopping by and glancing into our world as creatives, puppy lovers and experimental urban farmers. (oh, how i NEVER saw that last one coming!) we're matt & kate altmix- a husband/wife wedding photography team based in Atlanta doing what we love- shaking things up and cleverly capturing some of life's most beautiful moments!

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ciara & zach are married!

as i sit here on the couch, legs covered with a festive plaid blanket, hot tea with cream and sugar steaming to my right and the christmas tree sparkling in front of me, i cannot help but smile that ciara & zach are the couple i’m sharing with you from this cozy setting. somehow it just fits in my mind- they are such family oriented people with deep love and care for those around them. together, they are currently renovating an entire homestead- carefully picking out every detail to create the most wonderful setting for their future. they are confident in one another and so comfortable together- being around them and hearing about their philosophies on life and work and family is inspiring. it kind of seems like they feel all the time the way many people just feel around the holiday season- do you know what i mean? bottom line, we’re happy to know these two and thrilled to share their wedding day with you.

ciara & zach’s wedding and reception took place at the wheeler house in north georgia.

matt captured ciara & zach’s wedding day by himself and i must say- i am always so impressed not only by the diversity of his shots but also how he seems to be in two places at once- let’s take these next two images as an example. just beautiful. (he’s my husband so i can brag on him if i want;)


i LOVE that ciara wore a red coat for their exit, excellent choice!

ciara & zach, congratulations! we are so happy for you- you guys are great together. :) thank you for having matt there to capture such a great day!

    brittany & tanner are married!

    over the last 7+ years, we have seen wedding days change so, so much. the overall trend toward more personalized ceremonies, decor and unconventional locations has been so exciting to see- and photograph! brittany & tanner’s wedding day was the perfect example of a wedding celebration created carefully and thoughtfully around two unique and vibrant people. the setting was full of stunning landscape views as well as thick woods and sparkling water- reminiscent of their travels and hikes together as a couple. the bridesmaids picked out dresses to suit their individual styles and pulled together perfect combinations of seasonal flowers for their bouquets. brittany & tanner’s parents created numerous magical touches in honor of their children’s marriage- i really cannot get over the path the the alter, lined with snippets of 1st corinthians 8 thanks to brittany’s mom, leading to a striking aisle entrance and natural arbor built by tanner’s dad- what a beautiful picture of family unity and love and support for brittany & tanner. here are just a few of our favorites!

    brittany & tanner, thank you for having us there to capture your wedding day- every moment was so fun and meaningful! we wish you both the very best!

      amy & andrew are married!

      we really do have the best clients. i cannot overstate this- we’ve been so incredibly blessed to get to know such interesting, engaging, creative couples over the years. couples who see the big picture of life, explore the world and adventure together- couples like amy & andrew. we first met amy & andrew for dinner at one of our favorite local spots. we talked about everything from travel to photography to food while i secretly crossed my fingers as evy (then 8 weeks old), slept in her carseat to my left. thankfully, amy & andrew were super cool with evy joining us, as drew has two beautiful girls of his own! it was inspiring to me to see how flexible and relaxed they are about parenting- it put me so much more at ease with the idea that our little one could start screaming at any moment! the day of their wedding, amidst two adorable little girls full of questions and energy, amy & andrew made intentional efforts to take quiet moments together (even if not completely alone), reflect on the day and focus on one another and the new life they were starting as a family. it was beautiful to see!

      amy & andrew have fun and enjoy silly moments together- a great recipe for the perfect couple- in my opinion. :)

      this is the beautiful cecil b. day chapel at the state botanical garden of georgia in athens- it’s always been one of my favorite spots for a wedding!

      i love this sweet image matt took of amy & andrew’s parents during the ceremony.

      ***please click HERE to view amy & andrew’s slideshow!***

      amy & andrew, congratulations! we are so happy for you guys- thank you so much for having us there to capture such a beautiful beginning to your new life together!