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sally & evan: the photobooth!

these two crazy kids got married a few weeks ago and matt & i were there (as guests!) to celebrate! and also to run the photobooth- which easily became one of the greatest, ever! lot’s of fun, creative images- click through to their slideshow for more!

congrats sally & evan!

king of pops! (the most wonderful treat on a hot, summer day in atlanta)

evan is going to fit riiight in to this awesome family! :)

probably my favorite image of the whole set:

***click here to view the rest!***

sally & evan, congrats! we’re so happy for y’all to start your new life together (and just down the street!). you guys are the best!

allie & yuval, the photobooth!

you guys know we love a good photobooth. you also know we are blessed with the best clients ever, no question. putting those things together makes for lots and lots of fun- i present to you: allie & yuval’s photobooth!

caitlin & wes: the photobooth!

photobooths are the best! caitlin & wes, their friends, families are also the best. so, obviously, combining two elements this fantastic gives you…the following:

my personal favorite: