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caitlyn & kenny are married!

(i know we usually start with a portrait but i couldn’t pass this one up- how stunning is the cathedral of christ the king with cool blue light glowing through the stained glass? always a favorite of ours.:)

caitlyn & kenny had one of those wedding days fairytales are made of- dreamy, romantic and wonderfully personalized! every detail was perfect- from the look on caitlyn’s face the moment her veil was placed, to the look on kenny’s face the moment he saw her walking down the aisle. and then there were the other kind of details- the dress, the SHOES!, the beautifully crafted, personalized cocktails, the carefully chosen sweets, the warm, romantic decor- i’m telling you- the list goes on and on. but when i think back over caitlyn & kenny’s wedding day what i remember most is just smiling- the entire day- there was just so much obvious joy and love in every moment- it was wonderful. there were tears from laughing so hard and tears of thankfulness and happiness, there were quiet moments with sweet words and hugs and still moments of committing to memory the beauty around them. caitlyn & kenny and their friends and family shared one of the most beautiful days ever- and we feel so lucky to have been there to capture it. :)

and i cannot go on a single minute longer without giving so much credit to the ever lovely, ashley baber, who perfectly planned and executed caitlyn & kenny’s dream wedding. always wonderful to work with her!

let me just start by stating the obvious: caitlyn has amazing taste. her pnina tornai gown and her stunning louboutins are just the beginning. :)


caitlyn’s dad is just the sweetest, kindest dad- he was so in touch with every detail of the wedding and he was an incredible host- making sure everyone was having the most fun! but he saved his special attention for caitlyn and they shared so many beautiful moments throughout the day. :)

and caitlyn’s mom is so wonderful too- full of fun and laughter and energy! i love this image of the quiet moment they shared just after gene saw their daughter for the first time on her wedding day. :)

caitlyn & kenny’s reception was at the beautiful st. regis hotel in buckhead. we spent a few minutes with them photographing in the lobby area before going to the reception.

***please click here to view caitlyn & kenny’s slideshow***

caitly & kenny, thank you thank you for having us there to capture such a wonderful day! congratulations- we’re so happy for y’all!

amanda & josh are married!

it’s our favorite thing to work with couples who just ‘get’ what we do. to be trusted completely and encouraged to just ‘do what we do,’ is really when we feel free to relax into our surroundings and capture the beauty we see around us. amanda & josh are these kind of folks- relaxed and laid back and fun. they truly enjoyed their wedding day- connecting with friends and family- chatting, dancing, laughing and celebrating- and laughing some more. :) spending the day with them was comfortable and fun- capturing their special brand of silliness and deep love was a joy. these two kept a smile on my face all day and we feel so lucky to have photographed such a perfect celebration of two wonderful people!

amanda & josh’s wedding took place at the peachtree club- 28 floors above midtown atlanta.

guests enjoyed king of pops on their way to the ceremony- my favorite and an atlanta staple!

seriously, photographing two people this happy together is just the best! :)

***please click here to view amanda & josh’s slideshow***

amanda & josh, you guys are the best. :) thank you so much for having us there to capture such an excellent celebration!

caroline & nick are married!

caroline & nick decided that the most perfect way to celebrate their wedding would be with their closest family and friends in a lovely farmhouse in the north georgia mountains, the farmhouse at persimmon creek. their day was so laid back- family and friends mingled in the house and on the grounds, admiring the views and sipping their drinks while caroline and nick made their final preparations. the ceremony was short and sweet, followed by the most lovely family meal complete with candlelight, an abundance of stunning flowers and plenty of local, fresh cuisine. caroline & nick are two of the most down to earth, relaxed people you’ve ever met. they are funny and sweet and adventurous and the little detail that it rained throughout their wedding day didn’t even phase them. just after their ceremony the rain let up and left the valley in a beautiful fog- luckily, caroline & nick were up for a little exploring with us because those few minutes resulted in some of our most favorite portraits ever. don’t forget to click through to their slideshow to see more!

a little rain didn’t even slow this group down- i really loved that about them. :)

***please click here to view caroline & nick’s slideshow***

caroline & nick, congratulations! we are so happy for you guys and we feel lucky to have been a little part of such a beautiful day. we wish you the very best!