friends we haven’t seen in a while

By January 23, 2008Personal
i’m always excited to hang out with our friends that live here in atlanta, but it’s really special when a friend comes in from out of town- in this case 3 of them: suz, emily and michael. it’s definitly great to see all of them, but it’s also a great excuse for rounding everyone else up by saying things like ‘hey, they drove here from out of town, lets all get together.’ emily and michael drove all the way up from macon just for an evening of fun, unfortunatly, their new acura was a victim of a hit and run, lame. and not just a little scratch hit and run, but a ‘lets take a chunk out of this vehicle’ hit and run. sorry guys.
even still we were able to have a good time after some italian in the highlands and heading back to sean and erin’s place, our fantastic hosts. i can’t get over how fun nintendo wii can be. yes, it’s almost embarrassing to say, but we spent the rest of the night playing a video game- check out the intensity on emily’s face in the last picture…


  • Jen says:

    ha! Em that is an amazing face! And you said that the mario game was lame…hmm, i think not!

  • Em says:

    Hahaha! I love the beautiful pic of Jen and then the horrid face of me:) I’m rockin’ the tripple chin too! I guess Mario isn’t that lame. It was so good to see you guys. I love you!!

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