bonnie & david are engaged!

By February 11, 2008Engagement Sessions

we arrived at david’s family’s home on saturday and little did we know that as we walked inside david was out finishing his 90+ mile bike ride of the day! what?!! isn’t he going to be exhausted for pictures? bonnie arrived looking beautiful and stylish (as you’ll see) and we talked about her wedding for a bit. their day is going to be so uniquely them! fresh herbs and greenery complimented with twigs are replacing flowers, and bonnie’s mom is hand making her wedding dress, the design of which is nothing short of stunning! we’re so excited! david arrived full of energy (how??) and after grabbing bananas, crackers and cookies, we headed out to our first location, a shining river part of the headwaters of the little tennessee.




bonnie and david had really thought out different locations for the day which was great! their next stop for us was a beautiful lake:


after attempting to feed the ducks (who fled our cracker crumbs, when does that ever happen?) we were off to bucks, the coffee shop where bonnie and david had their first date – not quite planned, a friend bailed leaving them alone together, but a first date after all! it’s been five years since that night, they told us how they’ve changed individually and changed together, but they clearly haven’t lost that spark!


after warming up and swapping stories the four of us headed out to sunset rock. this was my favorite location of the day, wow! bonnie’s fantastic hair caught the wind and the sun together and their smiles were the result of endless laughter. watching bonnie button his cuffs and david hold her hair out of her eyes, i saw how special they are to one another. they’ve spent years strengthening this bond and i’ve no doubt their future is bright.





we left the sunset and headed to a nice dinner. it was a wonderful time spent laughing, talking, and getting to know each other. thank you guys so much for everything, you are such a fun and inspirational couple, we are so glad to call you our friends. we are looking forward to may 16th!

on a side note, there was another special part of their shoot, keep an eye out for it coming soon!


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