colors of spring … ?

By March 28, 2008Personal

first!  i’m super-excited to announce that sesha and aaron’s wedding gallery is on the website!  check them out!

lately, i’ve been so inspired by bright imagery.  my eyes tend to linger in cool blue shadows and warm yellow highlights – this is the artsy side of me, this makes me truly love how we photograph. 

[i’ve even found myself itching to grab brighter clothes for spring – i might be unrecognizable without my standard black, cream, and grey!  i get this sneaking suspicion (or it bowls me over when i walk into the new safari of color that is lennox mall) that lots of color will be hot this spring, so i’ve timidly picked up a few accent pieces i hope to pluck up the courage to wear!]

but i digress, i meant to talk about photography color, and how i have fallen hard for candy-bright images.  just clicking on our galleries page shows you our dedication to bright, active, lively images and i think our newest gallery is no exception.  however, my favorite images from aaron and sesha’s wedding are all black and white! what?! (have i reverted back to blacks, creams, and greys? oh no!)  i think we’re all a sucker for a black and white sometimes, but you can rest assured that our dedication to color is still as alive and vibrant (oh yes, i said it) as ever.  that being said, here are a few of my loves from last weekend:


have a great weekend guys!  thanks tons for reading (which = making us feel loved :) ) and check back early next week for new engagement pics!

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