leanne & ed are engaged!

when we first met with leanne and ed about shooting their wedding in may, they made one thing very clear: they strongly dislike having their pictures taken. to quote leanne, “we’ve been together almost 2 years and have a total of two pictures of us together to put on our wedding website!” that being said, invitations were going out saturday and it was time to bite the bullet and grab some good shots before guests start visiting their site! we met up with leanne and ed sunday evening at front page news. they enjoy meeting there for lunch during the week so we thought it’d be a sweet place to start their engagement shoot. to their own surprise, they quickly learned to ignore the cameras and we had a couple hours of laughter and fun (and only a slight run-in with semi law-enforcement ;))! we’re so proud of you guys!!

i’m so glad you could use these to pretty up your wedding website! we’re looking forward to may!

ps, please check out andrea and nathan’s rainy amazing new gallery on the website!


  • Leanne says:

    Thanks so much for the great shots and turning them around so quickly to help us out with our website. The shoot turned out to be much more fun than we expected. Being the least photogenic couple on earth, you must be miracle workers! I’ve already had several people asking about you guys and my matron of honor can’t wait to see how good she’s going to look in the wedding pictures! Thanks again. Looking forward to lots of fun on our wedding day!

  • Katie says:

    For not liking to have their picture taken, they sure do make some great ones! Well done! Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend! WOO!

  • Hawley says:

    Wow! That is impressive. Only 2 photos taken in 2 years? Matt and I have taken about 3,000 in a year. hahaha But that’s because we take ridiculous amounts – even when its the same subject, just to see what we might get :) Maybe we should take a tip from them, though… hahah… Glad the cute couple got to work with another photographer cute couple – and have such a great turn out! :) Way to go.

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