leanne & ed are married!

By May 29, 2008Weddings

leanne and ed’s wedding was an intimate affair at the marlow house in marietta this past saturday.  family and friends socialized excitedly downstairs as upstairs leanne’s best friend secured the final buttons and ed read the sweet note that accompanied the new watch he was wearing.  leanne slowly snuck downstairs, careful to stay hidden from her guests…and especially ed.  

the best man helped out by blocking any possible peek ed could have grabbed, good man!

the ceremony was a short and sweet time of commitment and love.  not only did ed and leanne pledge their lives to one another they also included a unique sand ceremony with ed’s daughter to symbolize their new family.  the sun shown down and the breeze blew softly, what a perfect day to start a new family!

the ceremony ended and there was still a lot more celebrating to do!  here are a few of our favorite photos from the rest of the night:

leanne is a very sentimental person and she had taken tons of time to collect old family pictures and place them around the marlow house.  the pictures were great conversation starters and really brought the families and friends together!  great idea leanne!  (this image is preceremony, preframe, i think this one ended up on a mantle.)

i really loved the lace leanne found for her cake, it went perfectly with the feel of her day!

their guest book consisted of grabbing a sheet and finding a chair, drawing a picture of yourself and sharing a bit of your heart and humor with the couple.  no doubt this will become a family heirloom!

just before the reception really got underway leanne changed into her dance-friendly reception dress.  based on the dancing that followed it’s a good thing she did! :) but first, a toast by her brother:

the star breakdancer of the evening:

and they’re off!

leanne and ed, thank you guys so much for including us in such a momentous occasion!  we really enjoyed capturing it all for you.  i hope mexico is as sunny and warm and relaxing as you two deserve, best wishes!!


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  • Aunt Jo Beth says:

    These are wonderful!!!! So happy for ya’ll!! Thanks for sending the message so I could see them!!!

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