good news!  amy & chad’s braves game engagement extravaganza has made it to the website!  check it out here:

we made it!  ahh, so glad to be home in atlanta!  it was quite the long weekend; we actually ended up spending all day monday sleeping on the beach, but minus some sunburn (don’t bother asking matt to apply sunscreen to your back ;) ) we’re doing a-ok.  phew.  except that it’s 11:30 and i’m exhausted, but maybe that’s not the weekend, maybe i just need to realize that i’m getting old an adult. ;)

so, help please!  should we get netflix?  we’ve been playing with the idea for a while now.  we rarely make it out to the theatre and there are tons of movies out that one or both of us have been wanting to see…and netflix seems easy enough, right?

in exchange for your review of netflix i give you my review of this round handle facial brush.  for the same price of a beginner netflix plan you can own this beauty.  this is the least expensive, most significant thing i own.  use it and there isn’t a stitch of makeup left on your face and you feel all tingly and smooth.  fabulous.  seriously, skip the spa and give this brush a week, you’ll thank me later! ;)

i’m excited about getting some wedding pics up soon; stick around!! 


  • embrownny says:

    Netflix. I love it. I have been a member since 2001. I like the idea that I can get movies in my mailbox and keep them as long as I want without a late fee. I’m really into oldies and they have a large selection of “classics.” I get three movies at a time, with several hundred movies in my queue—all lined up and waiting. Once I put one in the mailbox, I get a new one in about 2 days. So I always have three movies for the weekend. If something new is being released, I move it up to the top of my queue.

    The one downside is you have to plan ahead if you want a specific movie for a certain “movie night.” If a movie gets lost in the mail, they forgive you—just don’t let it happen too often. The other downside is if the DVD is damaged and the movie stops at a critical point—then it becomes a cliff-hanger until they send you a replacement.

  • Jaynah says:

    So, from one wife of a movie buff to another…..we love Netflix. It saves the expensive-ness of going to the theatre and the annoying-ness of walking around for hours in the rental store. Plus, they have all sorts of options as far as payment choices. We used to have the more expensive one but as we got busier and had less time to watch, we dropped down to a cheaper one. Very convienent I think! BTW, sorry I chose to make my first post about Netflix and not your amazing pics….Andrew and I both check the blog frequently and are so proud of you guys!! We are going to have to make up some excuse to have you take our photos! Love yall!!!

  • Katie says:

    Netflix is great but I would recommend the Blockbuster version because you don’t have to wait for movies if you finish some and need others…you can just walk them into the store. I’m not sure how the prices compare, but to me, Blockbuster makes more sense because you have that option rather than JUST by mail.

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