hannah & matt are married!

By May 15, 2008Weddings

early early saturday morning i jumped in the car with hannah and her best friend and together we took off for the hair salon.  by the time i had buckled my seat-belt the car was full of laughter and i realized they were both giddy with excitement and running on total adrenaline.  having stayed up half the night just laughing (i get the impression there were few words, more just excited giggling:)), hannah was a little delirious more ready than ever to marry her man! ;)

having lived in separate states throughout their entire relationship, these two squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of the times they are together.  so when hannah and matt opted for a ‘first look’ we knew it would be extra special!  their moment together before the craziness of the ceremony and reception was a sweet time for them to forget the details and focus on their incredible love for each other; it also gave us a chance to take some great couple shots. 

their ceremony was short and sweet but with all of the love and hugs from their guests it took them quite a while to walk the short distance over to the reception!

it’s always fun to come home and combine our pictures and see what was happening in different places at the same time.  for example, we learned that when hannah called matt and got his voicemail matt was eating a biscuit (i hope that doesn’t put you in the doghouse matt!;)).  it’s also a treat when we capture the same moment from different angles, although the shots are usually similar, we always love seeing the unique details we captured:

a couple more:

on their way out, they made a quick exit!! :)

hannah and matt, thank you guys so much for allowing us to be part of your day. you guys are so evidently in crazy love with each other, congrats to you both on finding your perfect match!  i hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon!

check out their gallery here:


  • Anne Almasy says:

    You guys are seriously rockin’ it. YAY Altmix! :D

  • Mike Penny says:

    Don’t know where to comment, so here looks good.

    These pictures are rad, I am so glad to see that the Lord is blessing you and allowing you to do something that you take so much joy in.

    It’s the best,


  • smiles4angels says:

    Wow. love your photos. just passing by and will be passing by more often. :)

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