ashley & joel are engaged!

this past sunday despite the oppressive humidity ashley and joel rocked their engagement shoot!  we met up with them during our favorite time of day, the golden hours, at the savannah rapids pavilion in augusta, georgia.  i noticed their connection right away; it can be difficult to feel comfortable with the camera right from the start but these two were so into each other they had very little trouble ignoring the lens. ;)  they told us how they got engaged and the way they took turns telling parts of the story was so perfect and sweet, i only know them a little and it made me so happy that they are together!  matt and i left the shoot more excited than ever about their wedding day and until then ashley and i will certainly keep in touch thanks to our parallel cooking obsessions!  without further ado, here are a few of our favorite images!

ashley and joel, when i said you guys rocked your shoot i meant it!!  you guys did an awesome job and i hope you love your images!  

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  • Michelle Meier says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing these. Looking forward to your big day. Love you guys. Aunt Shelly

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