lucy & grant are married!

By June 5, 2008Weddings

we love lucy and grant, i really don’t know where to start telling you about them so i’ll start with our arrival.  to the rehearsal dinner friday night.  an hour and a half early.  pfff, central time! :)

i would love to write about the joyful tears and the sweet toasts and the abundance of hugs that night, but i’m going to control myself and dive straight into the wedding day instead.  

tee time was 8:30 for the men so i dropped matt off and headed back to the hotel to finish getting ready before the bridesmaid’s luncheon at 10:30.  it’s very rare that matt meets up with the guys earlier than i start shooting hair and makeup; it was a nice change of pace.  

the luncheon was at emma’s tea room, a perfectly intimate and girly eatery in downtown huntsville, alabama.  surrounded by her best friends and lovely family members, lunch at the tea room was such an encouraging way for lucy to start her day.  

lucy’s mom is such a creative and thoughtful woman; she had come up with so many surprises for the girls!  my favorite detail she surprised everyone with was a charm cake.  having not seen this before i watched through my camera as the ladies encircled a sweet little cake with looped ribbons overflowing from the center.  everyone was instructed to pull a ribbon from the cake and at the end of each was a little charm that was supposed to represent your bright future.  i was snapping away when i felt her mom touch my arm and say ‘you aren’t going to leave your future in that cake are you!?’ what a sweet lady to include a future for the little ol’ photographer, it made me feel so loved!

full and happy the girls all went separate ways to get ready for the wedding.  with as many bridesmaids as lucy had it would really have been tough to get ready in the same place!  i jumped in the car with lucy and headed to her childhood home to meet her stylist(s).  lucy, your shower curtain makes this shot, haha!

meanwhile, the guys started a little of their own getting ready back at the hotel.

a few last minute touch ups, a prayer, and some hastily wiped away tears later lucy and her dad found themselves alone, counting down the seconds until it was time to walk down the aisle.  her dad was beaming and lucy’s watery eyes were the result of pure joy and excitement.

ah, they did it!  and it went perfectly, and that one kiss at the front of the church was not nearly enough to celebrate!  i love this picture of lucy’s friends looking up at her as she hugged her mom after the ceremony:

we grabbed a few portraits as the sun set behind the church before heading to the reception at the huntsville country club.

and now the party starts, these pictures do not need much narration, the love really shines though!

quite a dip there lucy!

lucy and her little brother – they are dancing like crazy!!

matt likes to call this shot the ‘garter search’!

and they’re off!

lucy and grant, you guys are amazing and we’re so excited you asked us to be a part of such a special day, we had a great time!  we’re also really excited you’ll be settling in atlanta, enjoy the honeymoon, hope to see you soon! :)




  • Lia says:

    I love Lucy! I’m so sad I missed the wedding, but these beautiful photos help me feel like I was a part of the day anyway ;-) Thank you for sharing.

  • Kathy Ludwig says:

    Oh Honey,
    I looked at these fabulous photos and if I hadn’t been there myself, I would have sworn they were from some Hollywood photo shoot for the Glam Wedding of the Year!!!!! Absolutly GRAND PHOTOGRAPHY….but of course they had great “models” to work with.
    Love and Best Wishes to Lucy and Grant.
    Kathy Ludwig

  • Higbee says:

    What fabulous pictures of a happy, happy occasion!

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