laura & matt are married!

By July 18, 2008Weddings

no doubt you remember laura & matt from their rockin’ engagement session; it still has to be one of our favorite ever. after hanging out with them that afternoon we were ecstatic (to put it mildly ;) ) to shoot their wedding; they are so amazing to work with- full of creativity and smiles and love! laura and i have stayed in close contact talking details and sharing excitement; really by the time july 12th rolled around i felt such a happiness for them i couldn’t even wait to start shooting! …but i did, seeing as i arrived juuust as everyone was waking up, making it quite unpopular that i was even holding a camera! after some chick-fil-a everyone was ready for the day, quality atlanta cuisine will do that to ya! (man do we love cfa around here!) let’s start the day with hair, by the fabulous rachelle talley. she flew through unique style after unique style and still found time to help with makeup! she’s working on opening up her new salon so at the moment she’s in transition, contact me for her info if you’re interested. ok back to the day, i can’t ever resist a spray shot:

finishing touches before we head to the carl house:

while laura and her ladies packed their wedding gear into the cars the flower girls chased butterflies, how perfect is that? definitely like a movie, except for all of the buds they stripped off the poor plant each time a butterfly landed on a flower…still, just adorable:

finally we arrived at the carl house and after a few checks to make sure matt was nowhere in viewing distance of laura we dashed inside to the bridal room to finish getting ready:

across the hall the boys were relaxing and savoring the ac:

suddenly, it was time:

and then it was finished and we snapped a few shots of mr. and mrs. matt godfrey enjoying their first few moments of marriage before it was time to get the party rollin’. rarely do we mess with color but we were feeling the vintage look with this shot:

i am in love with this next picture! high five to my husband who managed to capture this flash, we always get excited when that happens (read: we are huge nerds, haha):

laura, such a classic and beautiful image:

ooo yeay! our first wedding with a candy bar!  laura had so many beautiful candies with adorable little favor boxes to create your own mix. i totally love this idea and the guests really enjoyed it too:

laura & matt, thank you so much for asking us to capture your amazing day. i cannot tell you enough how perfect everything was and how your excitement for love and marriage and foreverness rubbed off on everyone there. laura, as you start your wedding planning career please keep in touch! i know a few ladies who’d loooove to work with someone as amazing as you! :)


  • morckm says:

    great black and white effects on the pictures. they are great!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Another beautiful wedding – great job guys!

  • Katie says:

    Mmmm yes. So good. I also heard that Laura Olsen is a prospective client of yours? Hope it works out! (Our family has known theirs for EVER…Nance said she tried to refer you but that they were already talking to you!) Nance loves to hear about your successes.

  • The Lil Bee says:

    It’s funny, I always love shots of the groom and his groomsmen…the candids. My one regret from my wedding was that I didn’t hire a photographer to follow the groomsmen as they prepared for the wedding. I found out later that my now-husband and his buds were playing poker in our apartment beforehand…how great would that have been?! Thankfully a friend took one Reservoir Dogs-style photo of them walking to the church, and it’s still one of my faves.

    Your photos are just gorgeous. She is lucky to have you as a photographer and friend :)

  • katealtmix says:

    katie- laura is totally a client of ours, we met them for coffee and they are awesome! please tell nance thanks for talking us up, love her :)

    lil bee- i have to agree with you on the groomsmen candids, they are quite hilarious most of the time. sounds like those poker shots would have been awesome but i have to assume they still play poker sometimes? it won’t be the same but you’ll have to grab some pics once of these days!

  • Asther says:

    I love the image of this little “hut” in this series. The blue sky under such low light condition was caught just perfectly! Did you use another flash to lighten the place up? And how was that triggered?

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