melissa & josh are married!

By July 3, 2008Weddings

i have to tell you, since melissa booked with us i’ve had an extra special place in my heart for her wedding.  not only have i known her since freshman year at georgia (we lived on the same hall!) but we will forever share some very similar memories of our weddings.  matt and i were thrown back in time when we stepped into watkinsville first baptist church on saturday for melissa and josh’s wedding.  memories of our own wedding preparations in those very rooms are still so fresh and yet we’re coming up on a year, woah!  shadowing melissa and her awesome friends was a blast but not totally void of little emotional flashes when it almost seemed like watching my own wedding happen before my eyes.  one of my favorite parts of the day was josh and melissa sharing a private moment before the ceremony and taking time for a bunch of rockin’ couple photos.  can’t wait to share those with you!  …but i’m getting ahead of myself, first the bridal luncheon at maison bleu, great environment, great friends, great food:

then it was time to get ready.  melissa is such a natural beauty it seemed like in no time at all she had put on her makeup and thrown up her hair into an fabulous bridal ‘do, some people just amaze me!

once she looked perfectly amazing it was time for their moment together in the church.  they were so sweet and cuddly, but as you’ll see, they totally know how to throw it into high fashion mode!  what a great  couple! :)

then it was time to wait, josh was totally cool and ready:

time for the party to start!  their reception was held at the athens country club and it was our first trip there, they really do a great job!

i love the couple in the foreground watching the newlyweds, such a sweet moment:

last but not least, the quite adorable flowergirl and our competition for the evening.  we really loved that little one so much!

melissa and josh, you are one of the sweetest and most gentle couples we’ve met.  the way you two treat one another says so much about what an amazing life you have ahead of you together.  thank you for including us in such a special day!


  • Anne Almasy says:

    LOVE the light on your cake-cutting shots! Way to rock it! I also love the two non-portraits in front of the church. This is one of your best yet! Woohoo!

  • Andrew says:

    I love the cake shots as well. Near perfect light. I shot a wedding there, your guys wedding was there and now you’ve shot one there, yet three different feels and perspectives. Nice work guys, see you this weekend!

  • Katie says:

    LOOOOVE the picture in the church with her head on his shoulder, both with closed eyes…and LOVE the one side the church with the wind blowing her veil. Amazing. Well done, as usual.

  • katealtmix says:

    anne, we learn from the best ;) thanks so much for the encouragement!

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