anna & jason are married!

By August 12, 2008Weddings

saturday was a perfectly beautiful day for a wedding, really cool for august and sunny as can be. absolutely nothing could damper anyone’s spirits- not even the fact that many of us stayed up until the opening ceremonies ended and the groomsmen’s tee time was at 8:45- it was just that beautiful outside. while the men golfed (much to anna’s surprise, ‘jason doesn’t really golf?’) the ladies enjoyed some quality time and amazing southern cooking at sally’s, a cozy little house turned restaurant. the next stop for the girls was the salon to tell stories, laugh, drool over purses, and take turns with candie, their favorite stylist. i’ll quit talking for now and share a few of our fave images:

after everyone’s hair looked fabulous and a purse might have been purchased the ladies made their way to the church to finish getting ready, relax and grab a few little snacks before the ceremony:

we really really love taking time with a couple to grab some shots of the two of them together, soaking in that this is the day they’ve been anticipating for so long. it’s always so sweet to watch the couple forget the hustle and bustle and focus on each other…and it makes for such honest images!

the band started and the party began, and oh, so many happy people everywhere! there were glistening eyes all around as anna and jason, high school sweethearts and now husband and wife, were introduced. here are a few of our favorite moments:

anna & jason, congratulations! in all your years as a couple it seems you only fell further in love and learned better and better how to care for each other. watching your families celebrate your marriage was a beautiful thing and we thank you so much for asking us to be part of it. enjoy the caribbean and relax together, we wish you the best!


  • Cindy Harden says:

    These are GREAT! Can’t wait to see more!

    (Anna’s Mom)

  • Aunt Lisa says:

    They’re ALL fabulous shots! Of course the pics of the bride & groom are beautiful, but I have to say another favorite is Cindy’s shot (the MOB)! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a better photo of her! Kudos to Kate & Matt! You’re awesome! This just leaves me dying to see the rest!

  • Katie says:

    I LOVE these…just getting better and better…my favorite is (obviously) the dress with the books. Mmm, yes.

  • katealtmix says:

    thanks so much cindy and lisa, anna and jason are an amazing couple and you guys were so much fun to spend the day with!

    katie* totally thought of you when i took that ;)

  • SONIA says:

    Awesome picture of course this is coming from the groom’s mother. I love the picture of Anna’s mother
    (Cindy) Just got a message from the honeymooners and they were checking on their puppies (Lilly and Charlie boy). They are doing great also!!

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