our new blog!

By August 26, 2008Personal

here we are! ahhh, isn’t it just so fresh!? 

so this is our new blog and we love the space, the colors, the header- it changes!, the twitters and the stylish comment boxes- actually i think it’s safe to say i’m obsessed with the comment boxes. the new images are going to be huge and we are stoked about that too! and, hello! the background wallpaper!? so what do you think? questions, comments? we’re shamelessly asking for feedback here- still tweaking!

ahhh, it’s good to be home!

ps, firefox users: your browser has us stumped. my brilliant husband who rocked the rest of this blog design/construction cannot figure out how in the world to align our twitter badges for you. we’re still working on it, until then, just know that we care about you.


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