here’s to you, athens!

By September 26, 2008Personal

heather & matt’s slideshow is up! this is one of my favorite engagement shoots ever; their love is so evident! i think i smiled the whole time i was editing these…i’m a sucker.

athens is the home of many beginings for us. it was there that…

…matt got his first camera. he captured athens from the tops of radio towers and campus buildings. anything dangerous and beautiful. he also became the designated photographer for every ad or design project the grady school of journalism could throw his way. his favorite professor, kirsten strausbaugh, even told him that if he got tired of advertising that he should consider photography.

…we met. i was a freshman, he was a senior. i was no doubt obnoxiously sarcastic, he was forgiving. we were friends without expectation of anything more. neither of us were looking for anything else.

…we dated. i still believe i was 100% tricked into our first date. clueless until the very end. let’s just say matt might be too smooth.

…i took photo. deep in the basement of the old art building on north campus i learned to love the musty, vinegary smells of the dark room. my fingers were yellow for days and i spent hours tweaking my images and absorbing the silence. i was hooked on making beautiful images.

…we were married. that was our introduction to the wedding industry. we became familiar with wedding photography and chatted casually about giving that a shot one day…

…we shot our first wedding. it was for a friend who couldn’t find a photographer and asked if i knew of anyone. my response- um, us? after that wedding we spent a few hours with some close friends at the grill downtown, slowly coming to the realization that we wanted to really persue this.

that wedding was a year ago this sunday. woah. we launched the site in january and shot our first wedding as altmix photography on march 22- we closed off booking for ’08 when we hit 30 weddings. we’ve come so far and learned so much. this weekend we’re headed back to ‘ole athens to celebrate. it’s one of our rare off-weekends and even though we’re ticket-less for the game ($600 for 2 tickets!? you’re joking.) we’re excited to enjoy our old stomping grounds, see old friends, maybe run into a few like-minded clients, and tailgate our little hearts out! athens puts things in perspective for us- cannot wait!


  • lelia says:

    I will be there, for many of the same reasons ;-) Hope we will run into you on north campus!

  • lelia says:

    ps. wish i could get engaged all over again and have you guys shoot every day of that experience!

  • Kathy says:

    Happy (Photographic) Anniversary! What a ride…………………..

  • skay says:

    get here already….quit talking and start driving. haha. but for real.

    p.s. i love the picture where matt is making the baby bird face. classic.

  • katherine says:

    i actually got chills when i read this. :) y’all are so great!

  • Katie says:

    I’ll never forget that conversation (Kate: Um, so I think I just went on a date with Matt…)

    And all of our wonderful memories in Athens. (watching a movie in the loft :) Kate’s pictures decorating the apartment, etc. etc. etc)

    Love you guys. So proud of ya’ll.

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