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By September 25, 2008Personal

someone else please get married at dunaway gardens, the backdrop makes for incredible images! ashley & david, i give you your beautiful slideshow:

we got a little carried away in savannah this past weekend. we loved it so much we started looking at property- we even talked to a realtor. those people kinda scare me. i know there are good ones but joe was a wheeler dealer from nyc and i couldn’t keep up with the guy. i think he was trying to assure us that he wouldn’t pressure us into anything but i don’t really know as i was distracted by the misplaced ‘r’s and all the ‘d’s instead of ‘th’s. love the accent.

anyway, we shook ourselves to our senses, remembered why we love atlanta and ran away to grab food- the true theme of the weekend. we stayed in savannah three nights and ate at 11 different restaurants, clearly we have our priorities in the correct order. and thanks to the lovely jessica we did not miss out on the best gelato in town- the ricotta and fig was incredible! we were able to score a sweet little house in the historic district for a great price and the ability to walk everywhere we wanted to go was worth every cent- i even walked to the hair salon saturday morning to start shooting! i’m very excited to post the wedding we shot while there, that should be happening soon!

overall it was a fantastic mini getaway for us! one of the things we love about what we do is experiencing all of the different places we travel. although we haven’t traveled too far (yet!) we’ve been able to see many places we would never have visited otherwise. so if you’re reading this and you live anywhere from washington to spain or from france to japan (read: anywhere in the whole world) we’d love to hear from you!

here are a few images from the trip. i like having the camera, it keeps me out of the shots- though matt called me out on it earlier today when we were looking through pics. i’ll have to be more stealthy about it in the future.


  • mattaltmix says:

    if you were wondering, i can jump reeeally high… eeeaaggllllllle!

  • Kathy says:

    Matt, you are just toooo cute…but I’m with you, we need pics of cute Kate too!

  • skay says:

    uncle matt’s got ups.

  • Suzanne says:

    what in the world!?! how did matt even jump that high!?! very cool!

  • katealtmix says:

    matt’s answer to all of this jumping commentary would probably be ‘i’m a man.’ haha, he’s ridiculous!

  • Melissa Thomas says:

    yay! I’m glad you enjoyed Savannah :) That fountain is where Will proposed! I now refer to it as “my fountain” It may be the most famous fountain in Savannah, but it’s mine ;)

  • Hawley says:

    WOW! Truth in his jumping abilities.. I had to scroll down for like 5 minutes before I could see from where he’d jumped OFF! haha You guys make your work/life sound so amazing and I love your masterpieces so much it makes me pine to be a photographer too ;) haha but then again, it’s fun to do anything related to weddings. Or so it seems. I want to do flowers too… haha that was one of my favorite parts of my wedding – the flowers!! You guys are amazing and what wonderfully fast turn around you guys are producing too, with SO many projects and assignments! Wowza.


  • Jessica says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the gellato!!! Let me know if y’all are ever down this way again and we can get together!!!

  • Katie says:

    Matt, thank you for the Scrubs reference. Kate, let’s see you on this blog too.

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