allison & adam are married!

By December 4, 2008Weddings

allison and adam’s wedding was not only an awesome day but it provided an important first for altmix photography- for the first time ever matt was able to experience the intoxicating potion of hair spray, champagne, perfume, powder and satin that is: girls getting ready. most monday mornings when we sort through images i try to explain to him a kind of electric energy that cannot really be described while he informs me he spent his morning with the guys playing wii and eating sandwiches. not this time! allison and adam had adjoining hotel rooms and the wedding party was flowing back and forth helping when needed and offering smiles and laughter. this allowed matt and me to shoot all of the preparations together, woo! and what a wedding it was to introduce him to my job- the sun was glittering through the windows reflecting off campaign flutes, jewelry, eyeshadow and curls. girls were giggling, dresses were everywhere, two of my favorite makeup artists were hard at work and the hairstylist was producing serious magic-ALL IN THE SAME ROOM. it was glorious. matt, welcome to the other side! ;)

i think i’ll stick the rest of my comments between the images so i can go ahead and get started! first of all, the beautiful allison and her stunning hair piece!

wondering where allison gets her good looks? well, THIS is her MOM:

allison and adam see each other for the first time on the terrace outside the room- the day was beautiful, if a little cold, and being in the midst of the skyline added great atmosphere!

we couldn’t really decide which of these next two we liked better, so both was the solution!

the ceremony was at the cathedral of christ the king– the space was stunning and the light streaming through the stained glass gave a cool purple glow to the old stonework inside:

allison and her dad sharing a sweet moment after the ceremony:

the reception was at park tavern so we were lucky to have lots of open air for portraits! a waiter kept the glasses full as we ticked quickly through the formals- everyone was so excited for the couple there was a lot of celebrating between shots!

i love how excited allison looks in this next one- and how 007 adam looks, what a fun couple!

there was a lot of emotion during the toasts- laughter and tears. it was amazing to see how loved this new family is going to be:

allison and her dad look on as adam dances with his mother:

allison & adam, we couldn’t be more excited for you! after spending the weekend meeting your families, hearing stories and witnessing your wedding we are more than certain you’re completely perfect for one another. being part of your weekend was such a blessing for us, thank you a million times! we look forward to running into you again soon!


  • Kathy says:

    Magnificent shots in the church!

  • kristen says:

    all of the shots are amazing! but I especially love the scarves on the bridesmaids! so original and beautiful!
    – kg

  • Anna says:

    Wow, I am in love with the first shot! :) And the rest are really beautiful too.

  • Rhonda says:

    Beautiful pictures (as always)! I absolutely love the one of Allison watching her husband dance with his mom. So sweet!

    On a random note, I can’t believe how many windows still haven’t been replaced on the Westin from the tornado!

  • mattaltmix says:

    thanks everyone, it really was a fantastic wedding! there were so many images we loved but couldn’t post them all on the blog… the slideshow is coming soon!

  • Allison says:

    kate and matt!
    Thank you so much…these are absolutely beautiful!!!! You guys are so wonderful to work with…and really captured our special day in a way that we will cherish forever! :)
    allison and adam

  • Asther says:

    Oooohhh… definitely love the church! It’s so cool to see dat the bridemaids’ dresses matches the color inside the church. (purplish-blue kinda)

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