so i know our posting lately has been sporadic at best but really- who’s life isn’t a little (or a LOT) crazy over the holidays!? we’re officially still ‘out of the office’ but i wanted to just stop by and share some good news with you.

in early 2008 when we launched our business we made a few goals. we were quite ambitious so though the list was short, it was daunting. we’ve shared our goals with you as we’ve achieved them but there was still one secret goal that was left unmet. until yesterday (!!!) when the lovely team of incredibly smart and talented women behind southern weddings magazine sent us a glorious email informing us that an image of ours had been published in the premiere issue of their beautiful magazine! PUBLISHED! like, all over the whole country! and just in time to check off our last 2008 goal! what!? we’re so excited!

we really encourage you all to go GRAB the issue off the closest shelf! the inspiration you will find, the images you’ll digest and the advice you’ll read will completely change the way you view your wedding and the wedding industry as a whole. totally worth braving the chilly winds (what is UP today atlanta!?) to dash out and purchase. in fact, i will make this even easier for you, THIS is the cover you’re looking for:


well that and THIS page, with our red velvet cake image in the corner! :)


in other news matt and i will be attending our first wedding of 2008 (well, vow renewal) as guests tonight! woohoo! we’re really excited to share in ami’s special event, no doubt it will be perfect in every way. it’s going to be exciting (and probably strange at first :) ) experiencing everything as a guest but i’m sure we’ll quickly get the hang of it- what a treat! happy new year everyone!


  • Jenna says:

    I’m stranded in the ATL airport (long story, revolving around the fact that Detla apparently doesn’t have a standby system) and I’m cheering myself up by perusing your blog. I’m in love with both of you and plan on commenting on all of your posts today to cheer myself up. I wish I lived in ATL now just so we could hang out and be best friends. Thanks for “talking shop” with me, even though it was your big night to take a break from all of that. Happy New Year to my new friends!

  • Kathy says:

    Congrats you two…you never cease to amaze us! I think it’s only appropriate that your “spot” on the page is the biggest too! ;-)

  • jamie says:

    Congratulations! Love that picture!

  • Jeff Hall says:

    CONGRATULATIONS MATT AND KATE! I’m glad you guys are getting some recognition for your awesomeness!

  • Andrew says:

    What a great picture to be the first of many to be published! I don’t think you commented on the fact that the couple on the cover of the magazine stole OLD YELLER!!!

  • frank says:

    It was great meeting and hanging out with you two Wednesday night!

    Fantastic site and blog (I’m impressed!)


  • Shana says:

    Very cool. Congrats!

  • Jessica says:

    I can’t WAIT to grab a copy of this magazine…I love the website already and I’m excited to show off the fact that my friends are so cool :)

  • katealtmix says:

    jenna* it was GREAT to meet you and talk a little shop! i know you’re SO far away but we’d love to see you again and until then, thank goodness for blogging! :)

    kathy* jamie* jeff hall* andrew* shana* thank you all so much for the congratulations, we really are so excited!

    frank* great to (finally) meet you guys too- keep us posted if you guys are heading back to atlanta!

    jessica* ok if anyone HAS to buy this mag- it’s YOU. you’ll love it!

  • rachel says:

    just bought the mag. pic looks great and the whole magazine is wonderful – good publication to be in.

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