paige & jonathan are engaged!

matt and i first met paige at jessica’s beautiful beach wedding and we were excited to see her again at andrea’s lovely southern wedding in augusta. so when we heard from her about her own wedding it was like we had already practiced a few times! this past week we had the pleasure of meeting her fiance jonathan and squeezing in an engagement shoot before they had to head back to their home in texas. paige & jonathan put the entire shoot in our hands- from the timing to the location, we were in charge. that means we decided to head outside the box a little and explore an area of town we’d never shot in before- cabbagetown. this close little community offered so much variety; i have no doubt we’ll be back!

when we met up with them at agave to start shooting jonathan immediately wanted us to know he would do whatever we said but that he was not a natural in front of the lens. this is a speech we are actually quite used to and pretty good at discounting ;) because really, all we ask is that you enjoy some time with your best friend and the love of your life- and just ignore us while we capture it! so jonathan, i hope your fears are cured as you scroll through these images! it makes it even better that your stunning lady can pull off some serious ANTM!

first up- this wall is on the side of agave so we started the shoot off here. this was one of the VERY first shots we took and i think they look like total models- a great way to get things started!


love these next two- their expressions are so natural!



this is the back of a restaurant- we loved the dilapidated planks and the warm colors- it creates quite a nostalgic backdrop. perfect for a couple that has been dating since high school!


the light here made us really happy, so even though the house in the background is not theirs, we wanted to see if including it could be effective. i don’t think that little fact is too distracting at all! plus paige’s gorgeous eyes really steal the show anyway!


my favorite!


marta runs along the edge of cabbagetown and provided us with this huge color field-esque wall to shoot against- and i love how the bare trees frame them here!


can’t ever turn down a little back-lit goodness- love the way paige is gazing at jonathan in this shot!


just messin’ with some shadows! paige is working the serious here, she’s the best!


and it’s a wrap! walking back to the cars:

paige & jonathan, thank you both so much for spending some of your time with us while in town! we really loved hanging out and getting to know you both better- we’re so looking forward to your wedding day!


  • Jeff says:

    The last 4 shots are totally wicked! They truly set the tone. I love the contrast with red jacket and the green and white wall. What a great location. They totally scream the beginning of Spring! Stellar work as always you two! What a fun couple you had to work with. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves.

  • stephen says:

    um…awesome. I WILL be using that location soon…thanks for the tip. ;)

    when are you going to post some action to the BCPhotoproject? My new kiddo has made “new” images difficult to come by, but the stuff I’ve put up there is “new” to everyone else..right? :)

  • Whitney says:

    LOVE the shot against the Marta wall! I think he did a wonderful job modeling for ya! :)

  • Corey Jones says:

    Awesome pics! Love the backlighting, always my fav!

  • andrew says:

    I really like the lime green wall shot with the trees. Nice composition, mix of textures and colors.

  • Abra Morris says:

    These look awesome. I would never have thought of shooting in cabbagetown. Great job.

  • I loooooove Georgia!!!! And I love these pics! That one in front of the house is rockin! Her eyes are gorgeous! Such a cute couple! :)

  • Love the one against the green wall with the trees at the top, killer composition and color!

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