laura & jason are married!

By April 1, 2009Weddings

laura & jason have had us excited for their future for a long time- everything about them makes us smile! not only have they been together since high school (always so sweet!) but they balance each other out so well. jason is a man’s man, into playing sports as much as watching them while laura is a girl’s girl, smart as they come yet also well versed in celebrity gossip and dance music. love her. ;) as much as we love to get to know our clients ahead of time we always learn so much more about them as a couple on the wedding day. with laura and jason all we heard over and over was that everyone had known they were perfect together for a LONG time and that it was really just about time they start the rest of their lives together!

on the day of their wedding everything was calm -a few small tears of joy were shed- which made the day even more beautiful. everyone was focused on what was about to happen and no one could have been more excited than laura! well, maybe jason, but i spent my day with laura so we’ll go with that. every time she checked the clock a huge smile would spread over her face- after almost eight years of dating, she was so ready to get married!

let’s start things off with this adorable picture of laura touching up her mom’s polish- as much as the wedding day is about the bride, laura took time to care for those close to her and make sure everything was perfect for everyone at the wedding, not just her & jason. it was touching to watch her relax and laugh with her friends and chat with her mom and soon to be sisters and mother in law- thanks to the time she spent with her amazing planners, she had everything organized perfectly before the day and that really allowed her to be intentional and enjoy everything, a great example for every bride!


one of laura’s bridesmaids, kelly, had the MOST amazing eyes! she was so generous to let me get all up in her space to take this shot- kelly, i hope you agree that it was totally worth it! you look beautiful! :)


i love how calm and peaceful this image is- laura looks so elegant!


ok, matt laughed out loud when he saw this next image- which meant it was immediately marked for the blog ;)


i am obsessed with this portrait of laura. my favorite thing about it is that it is completely candid- she was standing in front of this window casually chatting with her ladies and when we were flipping back through the pictures afterward we were thrilled with this one of just her- i’m pretty sure she is a model. or could be. maybe SHOULD be. just stunning:


how cute is she holding her dress up like this!? a last minute check before heading out for some portraits:


we were walking back in from some outdoor portraits when we realized that jason’s two sisters were each helping to hold up laura’s dress- matt jumped up in front of the girls to grab a few shots and this one ended up being one of our favorite shots of the day!


i’ve talked a lot about laura’s sweet personality and her good looks but now it’s jason’s turn- GQ anyone!?


and jason and his gents, seriously a handsome group! i love how matt saw the light here and stopped them to take a few nontraditional portraits. i think these images came out quite manly- at least, if i were a guy, i think i’d feel pretty good about being in this shot:


laura & jason chose the stunning backdrop of the king plow arts center for their wedding and matt and i were thrilled to be working there! everything about this venue is amazing- from the beautiful (and tasty!) creations of bold american catering, to the unique antiquated plow factory details that this space is known for. before the ceremony started we took the time to capture the stunning decor & details and fell in love with the look of the space as a whole- this shaft of light bolted through the room for just a limited time but the effect was just dreamy:


…and here it is in action! i will stop my blabbing for a bit during the ceremony images ;)





ok, i’m back. mostly because i had to mention how much i loved the candle display at the ‘alter.’ all of the different heights of white candles created a stunning patch of light- what a perfect idea!


this is my favorite introduction shot ever. EVER. they look like total rockstars and the expressions on their guests faces are priceless:






this picture makes me laugh because i have never seen a more perfectly organized train line in my whole life! laura must be a great leader! ;)


i expected nothing less than a classy exit from jason & laura and that’s exactly what we got! love them!

laura & jason, we wish you the very best! thank you so much for allowing us to capture everything- you two, your friends and families made our job such a joy. i know we’ll be seeing you both again, until then, we hope you’re enjoying married life!


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