molly & andrew are married!

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the second before i walk in to start shooting ‘getting ready’ images i always take a deep breath to calm my nerves- and probably also to fill my lungs with hairspray free air for one last time! this helps prepare me for whatever lies on the other side of the door- usually lots of energetic bridesmaids, a hairstylist, a makeup artist, an abundance of curling irons and usually also (for some reason?) lots of extra pairs of shoes! but last saturday was different. i took my breath and pushed molly’s hotel room door open to find…relaxation. mimosas, ladies in lounge wear, a stunning wedding dress laid out on a pristine white bed and natural light pouring in through sheer curtains. it was serene. THIS was the way molly started her day!

shortly after we arrived andrew and the guys finished up a few holes of golf and matt was able to shoot their brunch at the clubhouse and subsequent lounging around the pool. the weather was perfect and the guys really spent the day enjoying it.

meanwhile, things really kicked into gear for the ladies when the stylists arrived for hair and makeup. a few more bridesmaids were ushered in by molly’s wonderful coordinator and everyone pitched in to help everyone else look perfect! suggestions on eyeshadow colors and hairstyles blended seamlessly with chatting about how excited they were to see old friends at the wedding. overall, the morning seemed to fly by in a haze of happiness!

first up- a sweet dress detail:


LOVE bow ties- so classic! as is this getting ready shot of andrew:


the natural light cast a cooler light into the room and as molly sat to have her hair done she looked absolutely stunning!


molly & andrew decided to have a ‘first look’ and see each other before the ceremony (YEAY for pictures!) so we chose a private garden for the occasion…


…or at least we thought it was private! matt and i cracked up when we saw these next images of the bridal parties peeking in on them!


we walked around with the bridal party and shot all over the surrounding land! it was amazing to have all of the portraits done before the ceremony so everyone could just dive straight into the reception! i love this image of the bridal parties making their way across the lawn:


matt & i couldn’t wait to have some time to make some images with just molly & andrew! as soon as we saw this environment we were in love!



the way molly is looking up at andrew in this images makes my heart melt- so happy to have captured this!



back inside for a quick lipstick touch up before the ceremony. really molly, you are SO beautiful!


molly & andrew were married at the stunning st. james’ episcopal church in marietta. the interior of the church is so beautiful and bright but they have a pretty strict photography policy- the next image was the very last shot i got off before the doors were closed and i was sent to the balcony:


but listen, there was this TINY crack between the church doors! matt and i had fun taking turns shooting from the balcony and shooting between the doors downstairs- i love how this ‘between the doors’ shot came out!


and from the balcony wasn’t so bad either! i love the way all of the maids are focused on the couple in this image. in the front left, in focus, is molly’s younger sister- i wonder what she is thinking here!?


what happens when matt shoots at 200mm through a crack in a door? you can hardly tell at all that he wasn’t just in the back of the church! love that he was able to capture this one:


then it was onto the reception at the marietta hotel & conference center! the room was splendidly decked out in green & white- here are just a couple of details we grabbed:



what could be better than gossiping grandmothers? …NOTHING! love this series!


molly took the time to dance with her little brother which was so so sweet- i love the sisterly expression in this one:




molly & andrew, it was so great to spend the day with you guys and watch everything come together so perfectly! congratulations on your marriage- we hope you guys enjoyed mexico to the FULLEST! i’m sure we’ll see you around- maybe at a braves game again!? best wishes to you both!


  • Eliana@BYSE says:

    Kate and Matt, these images are everything I knew they would be and more. It was a pleasure working with you on Molly and Andrew’s wedding. I cannot wait to work with you again! xoxo Eliana

  • Kathy says:


  • Erin Hill says:

    I am in LOVE with Molly’s dress! Truly stunning images as always!

  • ~abi~ says:

    that gossiping grandma series is AWESOME! totally classic! :)

  • Jeff says:

    What a beautiful series guys . . .seriously. The ones in the garden are breathtaking. The wedding party doing a peek-a-boo is hilarious. You two never seem to miss a moment.

  • Molly says:

    Matt and Kate- I can’t even begin to explain how overwhelmed and in love I am with all of these pictures. I haven’t gotten through all 761 yet, but I just wanted to thank you so very much for being AMAZING! I will be recommending ya’ll to everyone! Thanks again- Molly

  • Lauren says:

    These are some of my favorite couple’s portraits I’ve seen from yall! Simple, elegant and beautiful. I am IN LOVE with the first one, especially.

  • Andrew says:

    Can’t pick a favorite shot. Love them all, and really like the bride’s blue shoes. Well done guys, hope you are well.

  • Noel says:

    Matt & Kate – These are truly AMAZING pictures! It’s such an honor to know that you two will be capturing mine and Michael’s special day. We cannot wait! Were the pre-ceremony pictures taken at a garden at the Marriott Conference Center?

  • Steph says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Gorgeous. I thought the bride looked familiar, and then I saw that it was at St. James… Awesome! I cannot say it enough – you and Matt are so amazingly talented. I sometimes regret not having ya’ll as my photographers; I have to remind myself that ya’ll weren’t yet in business :) Much love!

  • Amazing work! Everthing about this post is perfect!!

  • Dominoe Imus says:

    I guess it doesn’t really need to be said, but you rocked this wedding for sure! Seriously amazing job!!

  • Kayla says:

    These are so gorgeous! I love the garden ones and with the wedding party in the background! Awesome job!

  • Elaine says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shots!! Love the first one of the dress especially!! And the ones through the door at the church, so glad you weren’t allowed in!! They are fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • Tracy Vogel says:

    These are really beautiful shots!
    And I have to comment again and your color temp and the skin tones, I love them! They have this coolness to them but the skin looks great and always very consistent (indoors & out)…care to share any tips or advice? : )

  • Lelia says:

    Can I get married again? ;-)

  • trisha sloan says:

    Wow! Just lovely! Also I wanted to say that the new pics @ the top of your site are pretty great too!

  • Precious says:

    Beautifully captured!

    XOXOXO the gossiping grannys!!

  • Daddy Mike says:

    Matt and Kate, the pictures are fabulous! All of them captured the love, the spirit, and the heartfelt emotion of the wedding ceremony and celebration. The gossiping Grandmas series is priceless. To be able to remember such a life event through a wonderful collection of warm and personal yet exhilarating photographs is truly a testimony to the professional artistry of your work. As a proud Dad, thanks. For Molly and Andrew, I know the grandchildren will be beautiful just by seeing the smiles on your faces and the twinkle in your eyes. We love you. Daddy Mike

  • Katie Wirth says:

    Ummm. New favorites. Hands down. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Especially the hedge ones :)

  • mattaltmix says:

    YES! we’re glad to hear you guys liked these as much as we did!… *noel- the portraits are totally at the marietta conference center. *tracy- i guess all i can recommend is to expose for their faces, regardless of what kind of light you have!

  • Jenny Kinney says:

    I dare you not to cry looking at these pictures! I’ve never seen anything like it. What amazing talent to capture such gorgeous people in stunning surroundings. I wish I had known about you two when I got married!

  • Um, I love everything about this wedding! Can you say stunning? Fabulous job on it, you seriously rocked it!

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