elizabeth & david are married!

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after ten minutes of sitting on our couch, typing no words, let me start with just this- elizabeth & david are classy with a little bit of saucy and massive amounts of fun. they like jazz and theatre, art and film, literature and… the colbert report, the outdoors and all things batman. how could we not immediately LOVE these two!?

we met for a few pictures of hair and makeup before heading to le jardin blanc to meet the other bridesmaids and finish getting ready. after spending the last few hours laughing and chatting with elizabeth i was so excited to meet her best friends- they were all so sweet and so focused on helping and encouraging their friend- it made shooting their relationships such a pleasure! when it came time to put the dress on there was a pause- everyone knew elizabeth was planning on wearing her grandmother’s dress from the 1950s and there really weren’t words for how special that was. we all quietly oooed and ahhhed over the delicate vintage lace and the timeless shape of the dress- it was perfect for elizabeth. as she put it on and zipped it up, it hugged her figure- so similar to her grandmother’s sixty years ago- i looked around at teary eyes and big smiles and fell in love with my job all over again.

after a few moments of absorbing the fact that she was indeed in a wedding dress and getting married in a few short hours, elizabeth was ready to see david. they planned on taking some time to connect before the ceremony and it was the perfect time for us to grab some images. but first! the stunning elizabeth as her mom placed her veil- i just love how she looks so peaceful and happy:


they were both beyond excited to finally see one other but it took elizabeth a few seconds of recomposure before she could start walking down the stairs. i love witnessing these first few moments- the emotion is so beautiful. first up, matt’s view from downstairs:


and my view from upstairs:


we took some time to explore the gardens and found some great spots! the rain came down lightly but neither of then cared in the least! here are a few of our favorites:


don’t you love how this bluish metal contrasts with her stunning red hair!? i’m in love:


back inside david and elizabeth shared notes they’d written to each other for their wedding day. i love this series of elizabeth reading, and, sidenote: HER DRESS IS AMAZING!




i love how dramatic the lighting in this image of elizabeth peeking out as guests start to arrive:


laura, elizabeth’s sister and best friend, stole a look back before walking out to the garden and down the aisle.


how perfectly adorable was their ceremony?! shaded by a huge tree that acted as a bit of an umbrella and backed by a vintage window salvaged just for this purpose, i love everything about it!



‘for the first time!’ love the excitement here:


we took just a few more minutes for portraits after the ceremony- how could we resist!?



the rain held off for the outdoor reception and the party started right away! a few toasts were given before the cake cutting, and the rest of the evening was marked with crazy dancing and laughter atop a perfect black and white checkered dance floor! it was a great evening! but first the toasts:



ahhh, the mother/son dance. so emotional and sweet:



here, elizabeth’s parents hug the new couple just before they danced to the final song. elizabeth’s mom is such a funny person, always ready with a joke or quip but i love her emotion in this shot:


and the last dance. love this shot- the expressions, the colors, the clarity- everything:

elizabeth & david, thank you so so much for asking us to be part of your day. everything and everyone was so genuine and natural and beautiful, we were so happy to be capturing it all. best wishes to you both in marriage and grad school!


  • sid says:

    cute couple! and what a cute dress! well done as usual:)

  • Lelia says:

    OK guys, I actually shed a tear looking at these photos. The emotions you captured were just so real, and it took me back to my own wedding day! Plus, the “altar” for their ceremony is absolutely stunning, as is the bride’s vintage dress. I think this is my favorite wedding so far.

  • stephen says:

    great stuff guys! Love the location and the lighting work y’all did. I want to be a fly on the wall while you shoot…need someone to carry your gear at a wedding???? ;)

  • Andrew says:

    Wow what a special day and a great couple. These are some great images guys, you are really continuing to one-up yourselves. The note reading series has to be my favorite. Hope you are well.

  • lef says:

    these are so beautiful! every wedding you post increases my excitement and anticipation for our wedding, you guys rock!

  • Jenn says:

    stunning pictures! well done – very inspiring!

  • Jamie says:

    Love these! Her dress is perfect – I love it!

  • Jess Weatherby (Bethie's Mom) says:

    You all are awesome!! You totally captured the fantasy that was David and Bethie’s wedding! I want to party some more! Now, if you could have just made the tall, fat broad look a little younger and thinner ……. hmmmm! Seriously, THANK YOU!!! XO, Jess

  • Jeff says:

    Wow, Wow & Wow. These are amazing photos you two. Simply stunning. It took me a while to get through this post because I couldn’t stop staring at these. The lighting, the angles and emotions of the day were captured perfectly. I felt like I was there in every room and every location. Breathtaking photos. It doesn’t get anymore inspiring!

  • Kayla says:

    WOW! You have some fantastic shots here! I love so many of them! Great job!

  • Rev. Winslow & Judy Thomas says:

    The photos are just exquisite, as were these two wonderful young people. However, who was that distinguished officiant?! ;-) Thank you so much for asking me to officiate, and for inviting us to share in this special day. We have absolutely fallen in love with Beth and David, and both families. All our best for the future — Rev. Winslow & Judy.

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