kyle & chris are engaged!

for chris, kyle was the girl next door. like, literally. well, actually- across the street. they grew up friends, their families grew together, their brothers became college roommates. it’s so perfect it could be a movie, but how much better is it that this is their real life!?

kyle is a wedding PRO. that girl knows more about weddings than anyone and her ideas are always overflowing with inspiration and creativity! we traded TONS of emails about this engagement session- we changed the location at least four times and the prop list kept growing! thankfully they have a vehicle that fits all of the fun things they brought along- even a couch! we met them at a beautiful private home in buckhead and the backyard was just the perfect backdrop for these images. we spent the afternoon sweating ourselves into dehydration (but no worries! kyle brought drinks for us all! i tell you, she’s awesome!) and experimenting with all of the fun things they pulled out of their car- balloons, flowers, picture frames, quilts, etc!

it was a little different for us to be shooting a session with props but we had a lot of fun with it! kyle designed her shoot to be colorful, happy and creative and we hope these images do her ideas justice! can’t wait for their wedding in october!

first up, some fun with balloons! i love the happy warm yellow she picked!




ok, so we LOVED the balloons…a few more! ;)



check out the colors here! so cheerful!



the property ended in beautiful tall hardwoods and i love the background they created for this next image, it’s hard to believe we were in the middle of the city!



kyle & chris are so sweet together! despite the heat they cuddled and loved on each other the whole time. their chemistry is so evident and their relationship is so developed, it’s easy to see when they are together that they’re perfect for one another.



aaaand, the fainting couch! this piece of furnature is one of kyle’s favorites and it paired so nicely with the tall thin trees! and oh, how they made this work! way to rock it, guys!



kyle & chris, you guys are awesome! we are so lucky to have met you and we can’t wait to see what fun you have in store for the wedding! in the meantime, hopefully we’ll run into you at church! :)


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