noel & michael are married!

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if i had to choose one word to describe noel & michael it would be ‘genuine.’ they are both so open and sincere about everything- their love for one another, their faith, their dreams- spending the day with them was a treat! noel is truly one of a kind- so interested in everyone around her and naturally encouraging and helpful as she carries on conversations. i was trying to describe her to matt later but i really couldn’t come up with the right combination of words- noel is just passionate about everything, especially the passions of whoever she’s speaking with! it’s almost like it makes her happiest to see others happy but yet, it’s more than that, remember what i said about not being able to find words? this babbling paragraph proves that i guess. ;) we spent the morning chatting about marriage, new homes, the importance of faith and eyelashes, separately. i wanted to include these next images just as a little tribute to noel’s love of lashes- i think she ended up curling hers at three different times throughout the day!

atlanta wedding photographers 22 atlanta wedding photographers 21

noel & michael decided to see each other before the ceremony so we would have time for a variety of portraits. not to be redundant, but you know how much we love it when couples make their own portraits a priority! noel had chosen the perfect place for them to privately meet and it was such a sweet moment! before noel got there michael asked matt all the questions he could think of to make sure this moment was exactly as perfect as it could be for noel. these two are just so darn perfect for each other! ;)

atlanta wedding photographers 20

the rain clouds were threatening so we dashed outside to grab a few images before it hit! when it did start, the rain was light and we were able to stretch our time outside just a little bit without getting too wet!

atlanta wedding photographers 19 atlanta wedding photographers 18 atlanta wedding photographers 17 atlanta wedding photographers 16

when we were finally forced back inside we didn’t complain! this awesome room was awaiting us and we couldn’t have been happier with the light. noel & michael were up for some classic indoor shots as well and they worked it like they do this every day!

atlanta wedding photographers 15 atlanta wedding photographers 14

then it was time to split back up and rest a bit before the ceremony. the ladies munched on chickfila (another reason i love noel- she works for chickfila corporate, one of my favorite companies ever!) while they touched up one another’s makeup and greeted the guests who came to peek in on the bride before the ceremony. i love this next shot of the minister with his stunning daughter, she looks like a porcelain doll!

atlanta wedding photographers 13

it was finally time for noel and her mom to make their way down the aisle and they both got a little emotional! their matching huge grins and their matching watery eyes did not leave michael’s face as they walked down to meet him. it was so clear how thrilled noel’s mom was to have michael as part of her family!

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then it was time for the reception! noel & michael were introduced as husband and wife and entered down the same staircase they used for their first meeting on their wedding day- such a perfect way to come full circle!

atlanta wedding photographers 08 atlanta wedding photographers 07

matt did some exploring and found a awesome empty theatre in the same building as their reception. we mentioned it to noel and she was all about taking some portraits there! they missed just one song as we worked quickly to grab a few dramatic images. noel & michael- you guys are the BEST!

atlanta wedding photographers 06 atlanta wedding photographers 05

then it was time for the bouquet and garter toss- i love this next pairing as michael and noel goofed off during the garter removal and noel’s mom and sister reacted to their silliness:

atlanta wedding photographers 04

michael surprised noel by hiring a limo for their exit- she knew there was a surprise but didn’t want to know what so she covered her ears until michael was finished working out the details with one of his groomsmen- i think this series is so cute!

atlanta wedding photographers 03 atlanta wedding photographers 02 atlanta wedding photographers 01
noel & michael, LOVE you guys! thank you so so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day; it was a joy! we wish you both the very best in your new life together; knowing you two a little bit better now, no doubt you’ll have a blast!


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