Toni & Matt are Married!

By March 15, 2010Weddings

when we decided- around this time last year- that we were going to take february 2010 totally off, we knew that it would be an awesome time to recharge and revamp our outlook on our work. we spent the month reevaluating our equipment, goals and workflow, but also, we found ourselves getting antsy. it was an exciting thing to realize that we were looking forward to charging back into our work- exciting and comforting!

so last saturday we dove back in with toni & matt’s beautiful wedding! really, they had no idea that they were going to get the brunt of our new ideas but when we showed up to start shooting it was clear that they trusted our style, thank goodness! when toni arrived at the stunning peachtree christian church she could not quit smiling- her face was full of joy and her laughter came easy. her bridesmaids were relaxed, encouraging and so excited by every detail of the day- really the perfect group of ladies to be surrounded by on her wedding day. it was a good day.

just a few quick shots at the church & king plow before the reception:

we walked into the reception and were immediately greeted by steve bales and the bold american crew’s brilliance. sprays of yellow and warm light contrasted with modern black and white details, giving the reception a feeling of warm sunny joy that matched toni’s smile. the tip top’s were rocking out in the background and the air seemed alive with laughter and the delightful smells of their famous catering– just to give you an idea:

the reception flowed as easily as the rest of the day thanks to the detailed coordination of ashley baber whose calm, positive demeanor seemed effortless- the mark of a true professional. just after the late night snack of tater tots and grilled cheese disappeared it was time to depart, which toni & matt did in style!

toni & matt, thank you so so much for including us in your wedding day! everything was beautiful, yes, but watching you two interact was the biggest joy to capture. i hope you are enjoying your rest in maldives; we wish you the very best!


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