jennifer & morgan are married!

By April 20, 2010Weddings

one of the reasons we love our job is that no two weddings are alike! no two couples have the same personality, aesthetic or vision- they keep us energized and looking for ways to capture the essence of each day. one of the ways we do this is by really listening to the words each couple uses to describe their day- words like ‘vintage & eclectic,’ ‘modern & clean’ or ‘glamorous & chic’ provide us with different lenses through which to view the day. though we don’t deviate from our own style of capturing an image, we do allow ourselves to lean in the direction of the bride and groom so we can do our absolute best to capture their personalities in each image we make. all this to say- when we found out jennifer’s wedding was gatsby inspired she immediately had us viewing the day through the inspiration of new york in the 1920s. we wanted to create images that were soft, opulent and classic and as soon as we walked into the ritz and saw jennifer’s sweet smile and sparkling eyes we knew it would be perfect. her quiet excitement was sweet yet passionate and i couldn’t help but believe that her classic beauty was really from another era.

and the dapper groom- complete with bow tie and a feather in his lapel:

i love these next images of jennifer and her pearls- just a hint of what was to come at the reception and the perfect compliment to her dark falling curls and glamorous makeup.

the ceremony and reception were held at the ritz carlton, with steve bales expertly flipping the room from an intimate ceremony to a decadent reception- tables overflowing with feathers, blooms, candlelight, pearls and a touch of white fur. gatsby would have been impressed.

jennifer & morgan entered to cheers and applause before dancing the night away in style! HUGE props to morgan for promising jennifer that, even though he doesn’t love dancing, he would dance with her at least half of the evening- what a sweet groom! though, he clearly had tons of fun keeping that promise!

and, just like that, the night was at an end. they exited from the ballroom to handfuls of white petals tossed by their closest friends and family- a dreamy way to end a beautiful day!

jennifer & morgan, thank you so much for having us! your wedding was beautiful and a joy to capture. we wish you both the very best!


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