brandi & thomas are married!

By May 25, 2010Weddings

matt and i don’t have favorite couples or favorite weddings but if we did, brandi & thomas’s would be on that list. but we don’t have said list, so…starting over… ;)

my day with brandi started with a delicious brunch spread in the restaurant at the king plow arts center. all of the ladies from brandi’s family lounged around with her best friends, recalling old stories about brandi, laughing at their crazy exploits and generally enjoying the easy pace of a well-planned wedding day. [as a little side note i want to bestow some huge props to one of our very first clients ever, laura, who was brandi’s wedding planner! it was wonderful to see her again and hear about her booming new business! it was equally exciting to watch her truly ROCK at her job; give her a call if you’re in the market!] the girls took turns dipping out to have their hair done and before i knew it brandi was ready to get into her stunning dress and spend some time with thomas- if only every wedding day could be as relaxed and peaceful!

while the guys were finishing up i had a few extra minutes to grab the rings; i guess when you notice a pin stuck in an old post it’s kinda meant to be:

matt’s morning was just as calm and cool as mine- he hung out with thomas and some of his closest friends and by the time he saw me he was just one of the guys. he also learned all about thomas’s amazing new job as a landscape architect at one of the most creative firms in atlanta- i think you’ll notice his & brandi’s passion for the natural in their reception decor!

brandi & thomas are super sweet together- their first look literally brought tears to my eyes! they were both just so excited to see one another- they’d been apart a whole 12 hours! they are just meant to be together, always, love it!

after portraits while everyone was cooling off inside, matt had a few minutes to capture some of the details they designed! thomas did all of the graphics and they masterminded the rest together. i love how they used natural materials but still achieved a vibrant, modern color scheme:

i’ve never seen a bride so pumped to walk down the aisle! brandi could barely stop laughing she was so excited to marry thomas!

after the ceremony we took a little time to explore the grounds with brandi & thomas. we were thrilled to still have daylight so we could make use of all of the interesting architecture! i love how these next two capture what a beautiful day it was- it compliments their overflowing happiness:

sometimes if we ask you to look directly into the sun for an image we’ll suggest you just close your eyes until we’re 100% ready…and then we may or may not shoot while your eyes are closed to make sure our settings are perfect…and then we may end up liking that photo the best: ;)

we decided we’d end with a few portraits in the air conditioning so we could all cool off before the big introduction- a little drama, anyone?

i love the movement in this next image of their introduction- it portrays so much of the energy and happiness we were surrounded by the whole day!

brandi & thomas, we are so thrilled you guys trusted us to capture such an incredible day- we had an amazing time being part of it all! hope you guys had a super relaxing honeymoon and we hope to see you soon!


  • kyle hale says:

    Great stuff guys! I hope I can shoot there someday :)

  • LOVE! Beautiful, guys, as usual :)

  • Katelyn Warner says:

    just wow. everytime I look at your blog, it just blows my mind. i don’t have the dress picked out, the location decided, or even the man yet, but I know who my photographers will be: y’all are amazing at capturing the mood of an entire event in just a few images.

  • Trinda Brunner says:

    What CAN I say, but THANKS!!! Ya’ll did such a wonderful job capturing the moment of the day! We love ALL the pictures!

  • mattaltmix says:

    thanks everyone!

    *trinda- we’re glad to hear that you guys love the pics, it was our pleasure!

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