renee & eric are married!

By September 15, 2010Weddings

for renee & eric’s wedding we headed back to matt’s hometown, augusta, ga. as we got off the interstate, matt and i laughed about his trouble-making childhood and what renee must have thought of him when they first met in second grade. luckily, she doesn’t seem to have much memory of his shenanigans or we probably wouldn’t have been trusted to shoot her wedding day. luckily, matt has made some big changes in his life since elementary school. ;)

reminiscing had us in a nostalgic mood and it was with a smile that i showed up to start shooting renee’s wedding day. the sense of nostalgia only increased when i was greeted by lovley past brides and bridesmaids, jessica, andrea and amanda, now all bridesmaids for renee, as well as another bridesmaid from matt’s second grade class. i agree with what you’re thinking- it was kinda confusing but crazy fun!

now, let me take that confusion one step further and switch up our blogging routine. i’m going to post our favorite image first! because just in case all of my blabbering makes you almost close our posts before you enjoy the pictures at least look at this first one. i love it because it incorporates the fire truck they brought in to take them to the reception (at an old firehouse) while also portraying renee & eric’s relaxed personalities and fairytale love for one other. so, to renee & eric!

i love the way matt views the world:

renee, workin’ it! i guess since this was the 4th time renee has been photographed by us she ‘gets it.’ ;) i love the drama:

just before the ceremony renee had a quick moment of fighting off the water gathering in her eyes.

i love this next image of renee & eric’s recessional. they look so peaceful and happy to be married:

matt, in his brilliance, found the best angle for shooting the cake cutting. props to him for running outside and capturing the whole scene through the window. he totally rocks:

renee & eric, you guys are so awesome and i have no doubt you’ll always have fun with life! we so appreciate you guys having us there to photograph your wedding and we hope you guys had a restful honeymoon in the mountains!


  • Laura Milford says:

    Love them!!! They are just as amazing as we all dreamed!!

  • Renee Drake says:

    The pictures are everything that I thought they would be and MORE! You two are so easy and fun to work with! Thank you for capturing the most important day of our lives!!!

  • Amanda Seebode says:

    yay! i absolutely love them! you two did an awesome job as always! renee and eric yall are so cute :)

  • Ellie says:

    These are so great, I’ve shot here often, nice to see shots from Augusta weddings. :)

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