melissa & thea are engaged!

By January 31, 2011Engagement Sessions

you know how we all talk about trying to really, intentionally, LIVE life? it’s something i’m working on this year- taking in every moment and engaging with it. so many small moments in everyday life are really incredible and i want to notice that as often as possible. as a wedding photographer who tries so hard to embrace this mindset every saturday, i think i need to start living my day to day life with the same intentionality. so that’s my little morning tangent- thanks to melissa & thea, who, as i edited their photos last week, helped me come to this realization. :)

when it comes to living every second of life, melissa & thea are my new role models! every little bit of contact we’ve had with melissa has been overflowing with joy- her love of thea, her friends and all of the little things too. she and thea met us for dinner just after they got engaged and right away we could see their deep connection and passion for living life together. melissa is adorable and outgoing- full of laughs for thea’s quiet but witty comments and together, they’re truly a wonderful couple. we had a great afternoon running around the westside- matt & i stuffed into at least three layers of long johns and melissa & thea looking classy and carefree, showing us, once again, their ability to embrace every moment:

obsessed with this next shot that matt snagged really quickly between locations. i’m not really sure why but i think it’s because they look like movie stars:

melissa & thea, we feel so honored that you chose us to capture you together! we are looking forward to your wedding day- it’s going to be amazing! :)


  • Becca says:

    You guys rock :-) beautiful shots as always!

    oh and just so you know, adam and i are saving our pennies so we can get you to take our family pictures when the next little stanley gets here! :-)

  • kmh says:

    killer use of light guys!

  • Leigh says:

    Ummm-these are incredible shots! Just beautiful! I love her style – what a gorgeous girl! And yes – I still stalk your blog because y’all are amazing. :)

  • Melissa J. says:

    Kate and Matt, you are both truly amazing! You two really nailed it and completely exceeded our expectations. I got all teary-eyed reading your blog post (happy tears, of course!) -And for the record…you and Matt are our role models ;) Everything you do is out of love..and you do it together! -Love you guys :) :) :)

  • Melissa J. says:

    P.S. I *heart* the song selection too!!! Rock on :D

  • Eileen Blume says:

    melissa, you are so pretty! great job, altmixes–love these images!

  • Lauren Giddens says:

    Melissa I just have to say how absolutely beautiful you are. Congratulations on your engagement! You and Thea look like the perfect couple. I miss you, so I have to keep updated through mom and dad. Keep smiling!

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