nitya & neal: the sangeet!

By October 5, 2011Extras

we usually stick to weddings and engagements on this blog but we just couldn’t resist sharing a few images with you from nitya & neal’s sangeet! it was such a joyous occasion and we feel so lucky to have been there to capture it. the evening started with dinner followed by much singing, skits, dancing and general celebration of the upcoming wedding. seeing their families and friends laughing together and getting to know one another was such a beautiful thing- we left the event full of excitement and anticipation for the following day! here are just a few of our favorites:

nitya & neal’s families are full of such vibrant, beautiful people! i love this next image of nitya’s parents:

neal took nitya completely by surprise by singing! it was so sweet to capture her as he sang, just so much love:

this was SUCH a beautiful evening- cannot even wait to share their wedding images!

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  • Marie-pierre says:

    very beautiful couple and I really like the color they’ve used and the first set of picture. her salmon wedding dress, it’s so original. lot of love and joy in your pictures, a beautiful job you’ve done. très beau :-)

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