jaimie & jonathan: the photobooth!

By December 8, 2011Photo Booth

today was one of those gross ‘between seasons’ days- not crisp, golden fall and not invigorating, frosty winter but somewhere between the two, somewhere i never want to be again. it was cold and raining and windy and, naturally, we were completely out of groceries. i reluctantly bundled up and had not taken three full steps from our front door when i slipped and fell flat on my back with a splash. my umbrella flew into our few remaining flowers and broke the stems, my new notebook with my shopping list landed straight in a puddle and i just stayed on my back in miserable disbelief listening to matt & stella hurry from the office to help me up.

but you know what?? that couldn’t ruin my whole day. because then i looked through these images and i couldn’t help but smile and feel warm inside. because jaimie & jonathan are the kind of people who can do that- they light up a room, coax laughter from everyone and talk with everybody like they’ve been friends for years. they are those wonderful people who can make a seriously rough morning disappear just by flipping through photos and remembering the day you spent capturing their joy. i am thankful for them, especially today! :)

wedding images to follow!


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