kelly & andrew are married!

By October 5, 2012Weddings

kelly & andrew met in high school- their first date was in 2001! what started as a fun little crush (on kelly’s side) and complete cluelessness (on andrew’s side) turned into an 11 year dating relationship that flourished even as they lived across the country (and at times across the world!) from one another. but, if you’ve seen kelly & andrew together, you immediatly know you’re witnessing something special. their openness and obvious love for one another is inspiring to see and their deep friendship and shared history makes them so comfortable and relaxed around each other. kelly & andrew are the kind of people who, after spending just one evening with them, make you feel like you’re part of the same story. we knew going into their wedding day that it would be special, different somehow, from what we usually can expect or anticipate. we’d looked over their schedule, we knew there’d be all the usual events, but we also knew kelly & andrew- and to us that meant we could expect a lot more. :) the party was big and awesome and we had a great time capturing everything from their sweet private dinner to the crazy dance party complete with lots of tambourines (kelly’s favorite!). they just don’t miss one moment of fun- every second was bursting with happiness and energy and love.

andrew, knowing that kelly had been looking for a pair of emerald earrings and knowing that she had yet to find any she liked, surprised her with the most perfect pair. she was so touched that he’d found them and so excited that she wore them all day!

kelly & andrew decided ahead of time that they didn’t want to see one another before the ceremony but andrew, unbeknownst to kelly, figured out a way that he could at least give her a kiss before she walked down the aisle. the moment was quick and sweet, and i love that his mom helped him prepare. :)

i love this private, quiet moment just after the ceremony:

andrew called kelly up to the stage and gave her a big box containing his and her’s tambourines- that’s true love! :)

kelly & andrew, congratulations! we are so so happy for you two and we wish you the very best. thank you so much for letting us into your world to capture such a special day!

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