season of love

By October 17, 2012Personal

when i was younger my parents gave me a tape (yup, a casette tape.) that had a song on it about me. at least, this is what i was told. i don’t really remember much about it except one line of the lyrics- the line that my parents still repeat to me to this day- ‘good things come in little packages!’ not sure if my short stature was really a source of pride for me at that age but my parents sure tried hard to make it so! i was a blessed little girl.

for me that phrase still rings through my head from time to time- especially as the holidays approach. it helps me remember that little things can make the biggest difference. there is so much need all around me yet i am often so deeply involved in my own life that i don’t notice. this fall i’m making a point to keep my chin up and my eyes open- not that my eyes are usually closed, just open open, ya know? i want to see when i can help, when someone needs encouragement or a smile or a hello. life is so simple and basic but somehow i always still come up with a way to complicate it and get stressed- not this year! i guess all i’m trying to say is that even though i may not be able to grab the cereal you’re reaching for off the top shelf, i still want to help, so maybe a boost? let’s just all go out and love people. i want to quit saying, ‘let me know if i can help,’ and just figure out a way to help- and do it. but first, i better change out of my work-from-home clothes (mis-matched pajamas, obviously.) because a big smile from me at the moment would totally freak you out. here’s to a season of thankfulness and kindness!

and just to get things started, i’m sharing my (super secret) spiced tea recipe. add more ginger if you love it and concoct delicious variations by adding orange zest or vanilla- apples would probably be great as well. thick almond milk is a most excellent addition instead of cream. (also, matt just pointed out that this image is the color palette of our house- SO. ON. BRAND! ;))

now, take a sip of fall comfort and enjoy the season! :)

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