rhonda & chris are engaged!

By August 27, 2013Weddings

when we met rhonda & chris for delicious pizza at one of our mutual favorite spots, they were excited to go ahead and get their engagement session on the calendar. their enthusiasm is contagious and within just a couple of days we’d emailed several times and settled on the perfect date, time and location. as rhonda & chris’s shoot date approached, all we saw was rain. the whole week of their shoot was covered in little clouds and raindrops on my weather channel app (what? too nerdy?). we were actually so sure it was going to rain out that we’d already scheduled their backup shoot date. but at the very last minute, a tiny hint of warm sun made the decision. the clouds turned the sky a solid gray until- right at sunset- the sun blazed golden for just long enough to bathe the final images in a magical glow. as you can probably tell, at this point i hadn’t seen the sun in days, so my view of it was quite romantic. ;) but honestly, these images are completely lit up by rhonda & chris. their smiles are brilliant and they’re so happy together that, rain or shine, this would have been a sunny shoot. :)

rhonda & chris, we’re looking forward to your wedding- it’s going to be a beautiful day! :)

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  • Hello cousin!
    Congratulations on your engagement. I just received the “save the date” card today. Very nice pictures as well. I believe you and Chris will be very happy. Thank you for thinking of me and also the advance notice. I have to request my vacation dates for 2014 by next month, so this helps ensure I get the dates I actually need. Thanks and congratulations again!

    Cousin Scott

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