introducing: sweet evy

By October 18, 2013Personal

it’s been pointed out to me (several times…) that our little baby has yet to make an appearance on this blog. i keep saying she’ll show up when we find a second to take some ‘professional’ pictures of her. but then i finally realized the real reason we keep putting it off- that’s just not how we photograph. we love photography because we capture real life as it happens- the moments when genuine happiness and deep love are apparent on the faces, and in the movements, of our subjects. this is why we have yet to post a ‘perfect’ ‘professional’ photo of our baby girl- images from our life never yield a picture like the baby photos we had taken of us in studios growing up. but now that i’ve realized, admitted and quickly made peace with that, let me share one of my favorite images of our sweet, squirmy, strong little lady, introducing: evy.

(pronounced EH-vee, like evelyn, but just evy)


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