ashley & josh are married!

By February 10, 2014Weddings

just 11 days ago, while frolicking (carefully taking small steps) in the snow with my tiny babe, i couldn’t help worrying about ashley. her wedding was just a couple of days away and i assumed the inclement weather, the blocked interstates and the cancelled flights were heightening her pre-wedding anxiety. i LOVE winter weddings- the nest of bare branches against the occasional rich evergreen, the glittery sunlight refracting off an isolated water droplet as it hesitates to fall or freeze- i could go on. and yet, we’ve never heard of a wedding being cancelled due to heat- but ice? it happens. as i reflected on the stress i would feel in ashley’s place i also knew this: if anyone can handle a bit of ice before her wedding day, it’s ashley. she’s just one of those people- talented yet practical, organized yet flexible, aware yet optimistic. i can’t say i know many people like her. josh, the other half of this sweet couple, is her perfect match. his awareness, kindness and attentiveness to ashley and others is beautiful to see. together they really do become an unstoppable team. i understand that that is a little cheesy (you don’t immediately lose perspective on real life when working in the wedding industry- contrary to popular belief;) but i challenge you to spend a day with these two and not feel inspired, empowered and blessed to know them. the morning of their wedding, as the last of the ice melted in the deepest shadows, the air turned surprisingly warm and we joined ashley and josh for an awesome celebration of their love and the start of their new life together. what a beautiful, beautiful day. cheers to these two. :)

a few years ago, matt & i planted three evergreens in a row in our back yard- i cannot even wait until we have a stunning wall of greenery year round like this. doesn’t it look so luxurious and furry and soft?? maybe i just love green trees in the winter. or maybe ashley & josh just make everything look fantastic. it’s actually probably the latter…oh, these two:

ashley & josh, congratulations! we are so happy for you guys and we’re thrilled we were able to spend the day with you- capturing all of the sweet moments. you guys are the best. :)

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  • Ashley Twist Cole says:

    We absolutely love these pictures. Thank you so much for capturing the entire day so perfectly!

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