allie & yuval are married!

By April 29, 2014Weddings

allie & yuval met in paris while studying abroad. pause. can you even imagine?? they began their relationship in the most romantic city in the world, surrounded by the beauty that movies are, literally, made of, and now they’re married. i cannot think of a way this story could be more like a fairytale. and while there is sparkle and magic to their connection, they are also obviously, truly, best friends. they’re down to earth, funny and overflowing with love for one another and everyone around them. their wedding day was charged with energy and happiness that radiated from allie & yuval and brought everyone together in a beautiful celebration. matt & i felt so lucky to spend the day surrounded by an incredible group of people- capturing their love for one another and their happiness for allie & yuval. these two really are so, so special. some people radiate so much sunshine that, apparently, the actual sun doesn’t really feel the need to come out. while the rain clouds covered the city in a cool, grey blanket, allie & yuval prepared for their wedding. the rain plan was a go and we began portraits inside. and just like we expected after knowing them for only a little while, allie & yuval did not miss a beat. :)  plus, we found on own sun in the back staircase. ;) just before the ceremony started, allie & yuval traded letters they’d written to one another. they took their time reading them- pausing often to just look into one another’s eyes and share a sweet moment. they were calm but excited- and gloriously happy. :) one of allie & yuval’s many talented friends, jillian blazek, designed these adorable tumblers as well as their programs- which i looooved! allie & yuval’s friends, the shadowboxers, played at their wedding- what an incredibly talented group of guys!
allie & yuval, congratulations! we are so very happy for you two and thankful we were there to capture such a beautiful day. best wishes!

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  • Allie says:

    THESE LOOK AMAZING! Thank you so much, Matt and Kate, for these beautiful, perfect photos. We had such a fantastic day and you captured it all so perfectly.

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