Lisa & Sanil are Married!

By June 12, 2014Weddings

Lisa & Sanil are two of the happiest, most vibrant people I’ve ever met. As a couple, they absolutely light up a room with their engaging smiles and heartfelt words. It is the most obvious thing in the world that they adore one another- just being around them gives you a lightness of heart. Their magnetic personalities draw others into their fun- which makes for a giant, wonderful wedding celebration! Lisa & Sanil began their wedding day with individual blessings from close family members- a sweet and intimate way to focus on what the day was all about. It was clear to me right away that they are very close with their families and in so may ways they honored them throughout their wedding day. This honor was beautifully reciprocated by their families as it was equally clear that everyone was deeply happy to see Lisa & Sanil begin their new life together- really, what a sweet day it was to capture so much connection and love.

Lisa and her sisters are very close- despite the many distractions around them they really focused and gave lisa so much time, attention and encouragement. What a sweet family!

It was so cute to see Lisa’s dad stealing glances to check on her as we traveled to the church. :)

I think it’s hard for most couples to really live in the moment during their wedding ceremony. There’s always so much going on, things happen quickly. But Lisa & Sanil really made a point of staying connected to one another and engaged in their ceremony- complete with a few laughs. :)

A light breeze is just so romantic. :)

Lisa & Sanil’s reception took place at The Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead. Jade Lee decorated the space while Laura Potts coordinated their day.

Lisa & Sanil’s family put on the most wonderfully sweet/funny/awesome performance for them:

I love this next set of images- Sanil dancing with Lisa’s dad!

Lisa & Sanil, you are a beautiful couple- congratulations on your wedding! We wish you guys the very best!

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