Brittany & Tanner are Married!

By November 24, 2014Weddings

over the last 7+ years, we have seen wedding days change so, so much. the overall trend toward more personalized ceremonies, decor and unconventional locations has been so exciting to see- and photograph! brittany & tanner’s wedding day was the perfect example of a wedding celebration created carefully and thoughtfully around two unique and vibrant people. the setting was full of stunning landscape views as well as thick woods and sparkling water- reminiscent of their travels and hikes together as a couple. the bridesmaids picked out dresses to suit their individual styles and pulled together perfect combinations of seasonal flowers for their bouquets. brittany & tanner’s parents created numerous magical touches in honor of their children’s marriage- i really cannot get over the path the the alter, lined with snippets of 1st corinthians 8 thanks to brittany’s mom, leading to a striking aisle entrance and natural arbor built by tanner’s dad- what a beautiful picture of family unity and love and support for brittany & tanner. here are just a few of our favorites!

brittany & tanner, thank you for having us there to capture your wedding day- every moment was so fun and meaningful! we wish you both the very best!

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