Ciara & Zach are Married!

By December 8, 2014Weddings

atlanta wedding photography 41As I sit here on the couch, legs covered with a festive plaid blanket, hot tea with cream and sugar steaming to my right and the Christmas tree sparkling in front of me, I cannot help but smile that Ciara & Zach are the couple I’m sharing with you from this cozy setting. Somehow it just fits in my mind- they are such family oriented people with deep love and care for those around them. When Matt and I met up with them, we learned how they are currently renovating an entire homestead- carefully picking out every detail to create the most wonderful setting for their future. They are confident in one another and so comfortable together- being around them and hearing about their philosophies on life and work and family is inspiring. It kind of seems like they feel all the time the way many people just feel around the holiday season- do you know what I mean? Bottom line, we’re happy to know these two and thrilled that Matt could be there to capture their wedding day.

With Matt shooting most weddings these days by himself, I must say- I am always so impressed not only by the diversity of his shots but also how he seems to be in two places at once- let’s take these next two images as an example. Just beautiful. (he’s my husband so I can brag on him if i want;)
Ciara & Zach, congratulations! We are so happy for you both- you guys are great together. :) Thank you for having Matt there to capture such a great day!

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