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caitlin & wes are married!

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i’m sitting here stumped, trying to decide where to even start with these two. matt and i have so much respect for them- their passion for helping, encouraging and supporting others seems limitless, their energy and happiness is contagious, and they are just so much fun to be around! we share their love of great food, great drinks and great times surrounded by our favorite people- which makes their very special wedding day one of our favorite to date! matt and i got married lots of years ago, when we were really young and pretty clueless about weddings, but if we were to get married now our celebration would look pretty close to exactly like caitlin & wes’s day. they supported some of our very favorite atlanta businesses and had an awesome time in the process- perfect! they started their day early in the morning by running a race together to raise money for the winship cancer institute at emory, what a beautiful start to their marriage. these two are just the best!

i really love this next image of caitlin- she is stunning! -she is also kind, strong, passionate and smart and i think this image captures it all. :)

 monday night brewing wedding 23  monday night brewing wedding 21

as the sun set during caitlin & wes’s wedding, a beam of light traveled up through the congregation, illuminating everything in it’s path. by the end of the ceremony it was resting on caitlin & wes- the beauty of those final few moments of their ceremony was not lost on anyone. :)

caitlin & wes celebrated their marriage at monday night brewery– the perfect spot for a relaxed, awesome party. this was the first wedding reception we’ve photographed in their space and i highly recommend it to anyone looking to serve their guests delicious, carefully crafted brews in a comfortable, post-industrial environment. you should also serve gelato sandwiches because, well, they are the most wonderful treat ever and they are also carefully crafted in atlanta- by honeysuckle gelato and the cookie studio. and before the sandwiches, you should definitely serve the best bbq in atlanta. are you starting to get a feel for how awesome this day was??

recognize these two? we photographed caitlin’s sister’s wedding almost two years ago! it was awesome to see so many familiar faces!

wes, speedskater:

caitlin & wes, thank you both so much for having us! we had a great time capturing all of the beautiful moments of your celebration- what a great day it was! happy marriage!

kate & stephen are engaged!

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sometimes i forget how beautiful georgia really is- i get carried away with the misty mountains of north carolina or the sandy beaches of california and i forget, just for a second, how beautiful it is here. but it doesn’t last long- photography is the perfect career for reminding me to notice the beauty everywhere we find ourselves. and it’s especially easy to do so on beautiful afternoons in early fall, surrounded by swirling blue water, the first hints of fall color and a lovely couple in the midst of it all. we’re so glad we spent this afternoon capturing kate & stephen and we are looking forward to their wedding next year!

kate & stephen, thank you for such a great afternoon! we so appreciate you guys being willing to climb down banks and into the brush for these shots. :) we look forward to your wedding celebration!