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atlanta snowpocalypse

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here are some shots from playing in the snow today!:




now we’re about to shoot our first friday wedding of the year- kate’s already hanging out with the girls… enjoy what’s left of the snow and get cozy and warm tonight! late-ehs!

yellow bike

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we used to only have one mode of transportation, but now we have two! after scouring craigslist, kate and i finally found a rocking tandem to pedal ourselves around the city… need some groceries? no problem. a quick run to the post office? maybe i’ll make quick work of it with a solo run (although i don’t even know if it’s allowed or even possible to ride a tandem by yourself, plus that really defeats the purpose of a tandem anyhow). pictures begin now:

awwwesome. we found that it was extremely tough to get action shots of ourselves while riding, but we’ll find a way- just wait.

we had a great wedding this past weekend and a killer engagement session so check back soon for those!

‘state of the business’

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ashley and joel are up so be sure to check them out!

ok, so as you might’ve already noticed, this is matt filling in for kate this morning so don’t expect your usual sass…

just last week i realized that we haven’t really shared with you what it’s been like now that altmix photography is a full-time gig; well let me tell you, it’s awesome!!! seriously, i don’t know how we did it before- how did we have the time to work on images, email our brides, sleep, to shower?… (ok, please let it be known that i’m totally kidding on that last one). it really has been fantastic though being able to focus on photography during the work hours and actually having some ‘us time’ in the evenings. back when we were first getting photography off the ground and when i still had my full-time agency job, i’m afraid we might’ve spent a little too much time working next to each other rather than spending time with each other… now i can’t complain; i’m with my baby alllll day long ;)

something else i wanted to do was to step back from the day-to-day posts of engagement sessions and weddings and take a quick overview of the business and how its going. sort of a ‘state of the business’- which honestly gets me really excited to think of how far we’ve come, man we’ve been so blessed!!! so i hate to bore some of you with the facts, but i love facts (i mean, i love color and some right brained creativity, but sometimes i need my left brain fix, so here we go):

january 2008:
– launched the website
– had 2 weddings booked for 2008
– made a goal to shoot 6 maaaaybe 7 weddings in 2008
– try to go full-time at some point in 2009

june 2008:
– well, we still have a website ;)
– currently have 28 weddings booked for 2008
– we’ve already shot 9 weddings so far
– went full-time in may of 2008
AND, we’ve already booked 12 weddings for 2009! (what?! thats just crazy…)

needless to say, we are pumped out of our minds with how fast this has happened and really can’t believe we’re getting to do what we love, amazing!… i know we’ve said it before, but thank you guys so so much for all the love, encouragement and for spreading the word. we really do feel it’s as much your business as it is ours and can’t wait to see where our adventures take us the rest of the year!

oh, and ps: part of the reason kate isn’t posting is because she’s working on some new exciting stuff we’re about to offer- so current brides keep an eye on your inboxes!