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for the mothers

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we wanted to let everyone know rachel and zach’s wedding slideshow is up!

we definitely have been posting a ton the past week so if you haven’t checked out our top picks from rachel and zach’s rehearsal dinner and wedding (which was a 2-part post), then scroll down!

first of all i don’t want to be misleading anyone but this isn’t your usual sweet kate writing this morning but rather the very manly matt- could you tell? i’m kinda curious… the reason i get to talk with you this morning is because kate is busy preparing an incredible breakfast and brunch for after church- you guessed it, mothers are coming in town (in about 20 minutes!). we’re lucky enough to have kate’s family (count 3) plus grandmother and grandaddy (count 2) to visit us (count 2) here in buckhead! and i’m lucky enough to have a wife that knows how to cook, she doesn’t mess around:

for breakfast:

– squeezed orange juice
– blueberry almond coffee cake
– monkey bread
– strawberries and coffee

for brunch:

– orange cream mimosa’s w/candied orange zest
– bacon wrapped asparagus w/lemon chive cream
– shirred eggs w/parmesan and chive
– field greens w/cranberry vinaigrette and parmesan chips
– shaved hash browns
– mint iced tea

and if you know kate at all, you know that every one of those items are fresh or homemade, i’m not exaggerating at all either. with how much i enjoy food, it’s a good day to be me and definitely a good day to be a mother- i’m just not sure where we’re all going to sit in our little apartment (count 7)!

happy mothers day!

photography and taxes

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kate and i have always talked and dreamed of running our own business- before we were even dating i remember having conversations in school about ‘doing our own thing’. of course we had no idea at the time that we would end up married to each other, let alone married and owning a business together! needless to say, we are so pumped!!!

but, what we’re not as excited about is the ‘businessy’ part of it: incorporating, sales tax, forms, etc. it really is just so much research and even then, who knows if what we find online is really what’s best for our specific business?- it’s rough… all this to say, we’re having our first meeting with a cpa this afternoon, yes!!! it is going to be awesome because i’m interested in financial stuff, but we just don’t have the time to do it all ourselves. i think its already started relieving stress just knowing that we’re meeting with him today, i can’t wait.

also another reason we’re starting to work with a cpa is because yes, we could take all the time to figure this out ourselves, but why? we are in business to photograph weddings not to file paperwork and constantly check the most recent tax laws. we’ve decided that our time is best spent doing what we’re best at- photography!

maybe this will open up more time to do some of the things we’ve been really wanting to do. recently, we’ve been brainstorming a ton, and we have a bunch of ideas! one thing we want to do is make a video of one of our shoots to give you guys an idea of what we normally do- nothing fancy, just a little documentary, but like i said, we’re still brainstorming. for now, here is a link to a video that we did for fun a couple years ago, enjoy!

sometimes, i post

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hey guys! (it’s matt). with kate up here posting like crazy i figure it’s about time for me to make my 2nd appearance on the altmix blog. sadly we don’t have any new images to post but i do want to address something i came across in the past week or so- a camera lens.

now this isn’t just any camera lens for a digital slr, but the most ridiculous lens that there has ever been. (the image below is thanks to engadget)


i mean, doesn’t that camera look like a flee that managed to hang onto the back of that green beast?! sigma (is there any question as to who created this thing?) has recently unveiled their 500 mm f 2.8 lens for a staggering 25k- yeah, $25,000! evidently sigma is the first ever to offer a 500 mm lens with a super wide 2.8 aperture. even still, who in their right mind would buy such a thing. not i. and for the majority of you who have no idea what i’m talking about, this lens can take really good pictures from reeeeally far away- thats all you need to know. but if you want more, here’s the link.

on another note be sure to check the website in the next couple days if you’re interested in seeing some more of the shots from this past weekend with sally and andrew. we’ve got some great ones and we promise to have the new album up in the gallery by friday!

we’re also really excited about this coming weekend as we’ll be shooting an engagement session for another awesome couple, bonnie and david. and this is why they’re awesome: they’re registered at rei- because for their honeymoon they’re going to through-hike the appalachian trail!!! yeah, that is amazing… if you want to learn more about these guys here is a link to their great wedding website, davidandbonnie2008!

hope everyone is having a great week and we can’t wait to talk with you soon!