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i just cannot post another word without expressing how grateful matt and i are for our families, friends, and clients. starting this business would have been impossible without their unwavering support. so many of you have trusted us with your weddings this upcoming year; we are so blessed by your confidence in our passion. we talk about you guys a lot, how unique each couple is, how we feel like we are making friends not clients, and how amazing this upcoming year is shaping up to be. blog readers, thank you so so much for reading and to those of you who leave comments, thank you a million! it is so great to know that other people (besides me!) are having fun with this blog! love to you all.

saturday, after melissa and will’s engagement session (check out their new slideshow here!!), we rounded up some old friends for dinner. there is something about eating good food with excellent friends that makes pulling together three tables in an overcrowded restaurant (a little) less embarrassing. it was so wonderful to be around people i spent such a special time of my life with. the bond we have will always be strong and around them i will always feel relaxed and loved. here are a few of matt’s fabulous shots:





just because i promised it, here’s a little shout-out to my hubby for making my birthday amazing! i fuzzily remember parts of the birthday song around midnight; luckily matt understands that for me repeating it a few more times when i’m awake is a great idea too! you’ve heard that the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach, i wish that weren’t true, but alas, it works every time. matt’s big breakfast (all ready before i had to leave at 7:30 am!) was a delicious way to start the day! when we reconvened at the apartment around 6:00 to get ready for dinner, matt had beautiful flowers and presents! we headed out to ONE Midtown Kitchen where we shared one of the most complex and thoughtful meals i’ve ever had, and i’m only referring to the food. we talked forever just like we always have about our dreams, our goals, and this year added reminiscing over our first five months of marriage. it was such a great birthday, and baby, you’re the best!

melissa & will are engaged!

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i cannot even WAIT to blog this week; there’s so much goodness to share!

we’ll start the fun with the couple i introduced you to in my last post, melissa and will. as expected, it was great to see melissa again and get to know will too! she totally cracked us up with stories about teaching a class of 20 four year olds; can you even believe that one day she saw a mouse in her classroom, managed not to freak out, caught it between two cups and escorted it outside, all without letting even one child realize what was going on? haha, amazing! spying on will as he watched melissa talk and laugh made me realize how perfect these two are for each other. there is no doubt he really delights in everything about her, and she in him. temperatures in the 40s could wipe a smile off any southern belle’s face, but will’s offhand sense of humor kept a twinkle in melissa’s eye. even when she was telling him to stop goofing off she couldn’t help but giggle while we were shooting. if you’ve ever wanted to see a picture of true love – see below; these two are in it for good!




i love the way matt incorporated the arch in this shot, he really has a designer’s eye!

determined not to hinder my mobility by wearing a bulky coat i wore two pairs of pants and three shirts – i was frozen. luckily, i love being active when i shoot so after some warming up i was ready for anything – even lying on my stomach in the gravel:



matt really nailed it when he found the wall below, the texture is just great!

i couldn’t end this post without a picture of her beautiful ring! look at all of the little details, it’s amazing! will has such good taste, huh?

melissa and will, thank you guys so much for a great saturday afternoon! you are beautiful people inside and out – such a pleasure to shoot!

etc & birthdays

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hello all! i know that in my last post i promised pics from the engagement session of a lifetime, but im sure you assumed -judging by our recent posts- that the session was postponed. i know! we were sad too! but keep and eye out around feb. 16th for their awesome images!

this weekend we are headed to our alma mater, the university of georgia, to shoot some engagement pictures on the beautiful north campus. i met melissa my freshman year of collage, but as she was older and cooler (you know how that goes) we never really got to spend a lot of time together. that being said, i am very excited to catch up with her and her new fiancee, will, to capture their exciting new commitment to each other! I just wish we could capture the wedding too, so sorry guys! now, you all may have seen the weather report this morning and therefore might be thinking of the forecasted rain for saturday. yes, we are aware, but how cute are some umbrellas these days!!? we’re excited to go ahead with the shoot, and we might even get some cozy indoor coffee shop pictures as well. there are so many possibilities in athens, check back for a few of the best shots!

another of the many reasons i love athens is because so many of my friends are still there. i am excited to spend my birthday with old friends from college, who will surely comfort me as i turn yet another year older. i have no doubt you’ll see some great candids of my beautiful friends sometime next week!

tomorrow is my actual birthday, i’ll keep you posted on all of the adorable things matt is sure to do, hey baby i know you read this… ;)

because this is a photoblog, i am going to always try to include a photo, this one is from our good ole uga days, taken by a dear friend of ours from school: