Bridal Portraits

jessica just got married!

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this past saturday we had the huge pleasure of shooting jessica & trevor’s wedding. we CANNOT WAIT to share their images with you but first- a little peek into jessica’s stunning bridal session! we’ve been sitting on these images for a few weeks; keeping them hidden and password protected but we are so excited to finally be able to share her beauty with everyone! and her fierceness- behold:

jess, you’re awesome! can’t wait to share your wedding pics soon! hope you’re enjoying costa rica!

lauren’s bridal portraits!

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we rarely share bridal portraits on this blog because we don’t want to give away the bride’s loveliness before the wedding and then after the wedding it usually totally slips our minds since we’re buried so deep in wedding photos. not this time! well, we are buried BUT we’re pulling these out of the archives to share. lauren & matt got married this past weekend and we can’t wait to blog their wedding but until then- please enjoy these images we made with lauren this past april!

02_silk_wedding_dress 01_silk_wedding_dress 04_silk_wedding_dress 03_silk_wedding_dress

are you as in love with this dress as i am!? gosh, lauren is just stunning! ok, gotta get back to editing so we can share their beautiful wedding soon! I LOVE MY JOB!!!