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kate & stephen are engaged!

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sometimes i forget how beautiful georgia really is- i get carried away with the misty mountains of north carolina or the sandy beaches of california and i forget, just for a second, how beautiful it is here. but it doesn’t last long- photography is the perfect career for reminding me to notice the beauty everywhere we find ourselves. and it’s especially easy to do so on beautiful afternoons in early fall, surrounded by swirling blue water, the first hints of fall color and a lovely couple in the midst of it all. we’re so glad we spent this afternoon capturing kate & stephen and we are looking forward to their wedding next year!

kate & stephen, thank you for such a great afternoon! we so appreciate you guys being willing to climb down banks and into the brush for these shots. :) we look forward to your wedding celebration!

ashley & josh are engaged!

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when matt & i meet up with couples we always love to hear about what they do- what makes them tick- be it their jobs, their hobbies or their interests. it’s during these conversations that matt & i often find ourselves learning about so many interesting things about people’s lives that are often so different from our own. when we first met ashley & josh, we were momentarily caught off-guard because we just found ourselves saying, ‘me too!’ ‘us too!’ ‘totally agree, YES!’ as they described their shared love of good food, carefully crafted cocktails and photography. in these two we truly found kindred spirits- thankfully we turned the conversation to photography eventually or the whole meeting could have just been about bourbon. ;) ashley & josh have such an energy between them- they have such a good time together and their adventurous spirits complement one another perfectly.

ashley & josh picked this amazing location for their shoot- we love it when locations mean something to the couple’s relationship and it’s doubly great when it’s a photographer’s dream spot. good call, ashley & josh! we loved exploring with you two!

ashley & josh, thank you so much for spending an afternoon trespassing with us- you two are awesome! looking forward to your wedding! :)

laura ann & jeff are engaged!

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THESE TWO. oh my gosh you guys, seriously, there has never been a more adorable duo. and to think i was all nervous to show up and just start shooting- having never met them before- there was no need for those nerves at all! sometimes two people are just so deeply happy to be beside one another that there are naturally beautiful images to be captured in every moment. that’s exactly laura ann & jeff. we met them in chattanooga for an afternoon of exploring their city and photographing the two of them in some of their favorite spots and now we cannot even wait to return for their wedding this summer! i mean, don’t you just want to be friends with these two!??

a couple after our own heart, laura ann & jeff brought their sweet pup abby along for part of the shoot- what a fun and cuddly addition!

just beautiful, i love this image so much:

laura ann & jeff, we look forward to seeing you two again soon! thank you so much for showing us around your home city!